100 man fight resolution

Are you resolved to fight your own 100 man fight?


It’s almost that time of year again, the first of the year, and you’re going to see that almost every mofo you know is going to have a new year’s resolution.

The word resolution, however has lost all meaning. According to the google dictionary, resolution means the following:

“a firm decision to do or not to do something”


I have a firm decision not to ever get bro raped and I am RESOLVED to make that happen. Bros be warned.

And the word has synonyms with:

Determination, purpose, intent, resolve, strength of will, strength of character

Looking at that, a resolution in itself means that you are DETERMINED and have such RESOLVE that you are WILLING with INTENT and PURPOSE to DO/DON’T DO something, even if it TESTS YOUR CHARACTER.

So with that, when someone says they are going to have a “new year’s resolution” we can only classify them as two people:

  1. The 100 man fighter: They already have goals, are most likely already doing them, and with the new year, their RESOLVE to achieve whatever it is they want to achieve is just further reinforced. Another year, another stepping stone. Get out of this person’s way if you don’t want to be spit roasted over a fire.
  2. Just the rest of the idiots: This is going to be the person who’s going to tell everyone what their goals are on social media and posts those annoying motivation quotes on the daily, most likely is now and every end of year spamming social media with stupid “I achieved being more fatter, and more lazier etc” to try and be funny and expect other people (who are possibly Beta like them), to confirm it’s okay to be below average for the rest of their lives, and quit their “resolution goals” within a few weeks, 1 month tops.

Don’t be number two.

I don’t know about you, but don’t be number 2. For those of you that want to be Billy Badass and be the person who is described in number 1, then let me give you the motivation you need. The motivation to turn your cat into a lion, your girl into a goddess, and you into the supreme overlord of the universe.


Perfect example of awesome? This couple. That’s them on the right in FIVE months. How’d they do it? 1.5 hours of weight lifting, and 3 hours of “aerobics” everyday. Too much you say? Yeah you mad. Go slit your wrists. Source: http://en.rocketnews24.com/2015/09/23/it-must-be-love-korean-couple-make-dramatic-body-transformations-in-just-five-months/ Thanks to je, aka doll face killa, for showing me this article


Want to succeed next year at your goals you set? Hell yeah you do. So let me tell you now, how to achieve that:

Treat the new year like preparing for a 100 man fight.

What is the 100 man fight challenge

Let me tell you first of all what the 100 man fight literally is:

“It is 100 people you have to fight, all the people FRESH, under kyokushin karate rules (bare knuckle, no gloves or padding, full on punches to the body and kicks to the head and everywhere else), for 1 minute and a half each no rest!”

Some of you might be thinking now: “that’s absolutely insane, who exactly would want to do that, and why? Besides that, what the bloody hell does that have to do with my new year’s resolution?”

First of all we can learn a lot from just what the literal description of the 100 man fight is in application to your goals.

If you replace the word people with “days” you’ll have “It is 100 days you have to fight, all the days FRESH”.

If you replace the words “under kyokyshin rules” to “with your goals” it’ll then be “It is 100 days you have to fight, all the days FRESH, with your goals”

And finally if you change the last part which is “for 1 minute and a half no rest” with “24 hours no rest” you now have the following:

“It is 100 days you have to fight, all the days FRESH, with your goals, for 24 hours no rest”. You then have your very own 100 man battle.

“24 hours? What about sleep?” you say? I know some smart-asses will ask that. To that I say, go put your head in the microwave, you’re not smart or funny, and your parents probably think you’re a failure.


Sleep is just as much a part of the whole step toward your goals. So many people rather watch crap and only sleep 5 hours. Are those the people that are so determined to accomplish the very thing they said they had such resolve for? Nope. Watching the crap is more important to them. Winners go to sleep, get their sleep, because they know they’re going to use all their energies for the next day.

What goal should I set for my own personal “100 man fight”?

The end goal should be something long term, with the 100 days being just a stepping stone towards that goal, and if I were to say what to chose, I would say you need to set a goal that’s so badass, that it’s something very few people in the world will do. Something that gathers respect. Something that proves you succeeded yourself. That, is a true goal worthy of a resolution.


You’ve got to be that 1% too.

So with a goal in mind, and something that will challenge your resolve not to quit, will you do this? Are you going to be one of the many people that quit like the rest, or are you going to go through with it and become victorious?

Going back to the actual 100 man fight, let me give you some inspiration, coming from a man named Judd Reid, who he himself, had the resolve to do a 100 man fight, and accomplished the task.

Journey to the 100 man fight – the Judd Reid Story

100 man fight

Since we already know that the 100 man fight is fighting 100 men, all fresh back to back, no rest, for a minute and half each, (which is 3 hours worth of fighting), that in itself is already insane. But to add to the insanity, quoting from the actual film, not only will this be the case but Judd Reid will be:

“fighting the TOP GUYS in Japan that is part of the WORLD KUMITE ORGANISATION (WKO). Some of the world’s TOUGHEST fighters are in the WKO. There’s going to be some guys waiting to take Judd’s head off”.

That’s right, they aren’t just ANY 100 trained fighting black belts, but these are 100 of the world’s BEST and TOUGHEST he has to contend with.


People like this guy. Who seems friendly enough…right after he decapitates you with an axe kick, and turns into a dragon, eats your the rest of your body Liu Kang style. Fatality.

Quite obviously the odds are stacked against him and in the words of the man himself “All my training has been pointed to this one day. To be pushed to my ultimate limits”.

So what exactly does he accomplish apart from doing something few would even dare to do? Apart from showing the enormity of his balls, and showing 100 fighters that King Kong ain’t got squat on him, from film itself:

“It’s about proof. Proving that you accomplished and succeeded your dreams…Achieved something very few people in the world do. That gathers respect” And also “It’s just another milestone proving to himself.”

“Completing the 100 man fight means you can succeed in anything in life”.

Judd Reid wanted to make his MARK on the kyokushin karate world, and his mark as a fighter, to be standing with some of the legends before him.

Now for some of the good bits of training I’ve learned…How’d Judd Reid prepare for the 100 man fight and how can you too, (if you literally want), prepare for this?

100 man fight

  1. Daily Skills Practice: Going by the film he incorporated different striking arts from different experts. Boxing, Muay Thai kickboxing, and even grappling were supplemented to further evolve his kyokushin fighting art.
  2. Daily conditioning of cardio, body hardening, and flexibility: Cardio is something that goes away fast, and no matter what you do, but it is even more so the MOST important for a fighter, it must be trained daily. Jogging, while it is implemented, won’t just cut it either. Judd is seen doing hill sprints, sprawls (another version of a burpee) and bodyweight callisthenics mixed with sparring drills, etc. Like any kyokushin practitioner would tell you too, he had to make his body get used to absorbing bare knuckle punches, and kicks to the body, plus harden his own knuckles by striking hard surfaces. Stretches are done daily to maintain the flexibility to be relaxed, loose and limber and have the range of motion when striking.
  3. POWER/STRENGTH TRAINING: Judd is seen doing some HEAVY weights, partial rep style. This is often knocked by the majority of people but partials have their benefits, and it looks like he was using heavy weights in the range of motion that was important for his striking (kicks and punches). It was mentioned he did the weight training once a week, hard. Keep in mind, he’s not a weightlifter, he’s a serious karate practitioner and does all other kinds of “heavy bodyweight” strength based training during his karate sessions (Handstand pushups and one arm pushups are considered heavy strength training movements with bodyweight) and it is shown he is using awkward objects like running with a heavy log, so recovery has to be taken into account when the main focus is solely on karate.
  4. High rep bodyweight movements: Again something that gets bashed for being an “only endurance exercise”. These get a person strong, as well as fighting fit. Keeping your hands up, being able to kick and punch with the same power as you would if you were “fresh”, for the 100 man fight which is roughly 3 hours long, it’s safe to say, the STRENGTH endurance you need to posses must be off the charts. Having the ability to do hundreds and thousands of bodyweight strength exercises like pushups and squats at the drop of a hat when needed, trains you to feel “comfortable” in your own muscles and skin so to speak, aka, mastering our own bodyweight (at least to me, doing heaps of reps with hard variations of the basic bodyweight exercises, or even just the simple two handed pushup and two-legged squat variety as an example is mastering your own bodyweight), will give you the strength endurance to fight on!

What else can you learn from watching Judd Reid prepare for the 100 man fight and apply to your “new year’s” resolution goal(s)?

I think one of the main and MOST important things that was a take way from the film was that the difference between him being at the level he was at compared to “just another crappy practitioner” is “This is the world he’s chosen…the life he’s chosen”.

The fact is, it’s a choice at the end of the day whether or not you do something, and if you don’t do it, you shouldn’t whine or make excuses for it, and when you are doing it, you shouldn’t complain either.

He lives and breathes every day kyokushin karate. He only took one day off in his life training at the dojo and that was because he was severely sick at one point.

Another good thing I learnt was that when he was training two of the instructors said “Adapt. Train everything and nothing is a surprise..Physical training is important but above all, one has to be prepared in one’s heart to do it”.

So no matter what your goal is, master every aspect of it, be mentally tough every day, and you too, will have the confidence to do what you chose to do.

Final thoughts on the 100 man fight story and your own 100 man fight resolution

There’s 365 days a year, my challenge to you is, for 100 days set a stepping stone to a long term goal you’ve wanted to achieve and for those 100 days, no matter what the day is like, fight each day the same as Judd Reid would fight each man fighting him fresh with their own unique style of fighting; do your best and kick that day’s ass. After 100 days, you’ll see how much you’ve accomplished. Take a small break if you want, 2 weeks or a month at most, but set another stepping stone, another 100 days, and attack it.

As for the film itself, for 56 minutes of film, it’s something every martial artist and fighter NEEDS to watch. It’s not only got a great insight to how to train for the 100 man fight, and what kyokushin karate is all about, but for anyone training, it gives a whole new perspective on resolve and how far you can push yourself. Get it off amazon, it’s a lot cheaper than iTunes and you can get it HERE.

Too long didn’t read?

  • Instead of being someone who is an embarrassment to your parents by making a resolution you can’t keep, set a milestone to a goal you’re already working toward for 100 days and treat each of those 100 days like each day was one man to fight on the way to the complete 100 man fight (aka, gouge out it’s eyeballs and fornicate with it’s skull).
  • Journey to the 100 man fight – the Judd Reid story is the balls, and you should watch this instead of all the stupid xmas movies that all that other intolerable people watch. Get it on amazon instead of itunes (HERE), be inspired, and go kick some ass!

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