Art of Aggression #4: No guts no glory part 1

Art of aggression: no guts no glory #1


At times I treat training like I’m going to war. War is scary. It’s unforgiving. My only aim is to survive it at any means possible. A challenge like that makes you know more about yourself. Would you rather quit, or do you dig deep and keep going?

To put yourself in that situation in training makes you grow physically and mentally tougher and stronger, reach another level that you never thought possible, and will let you know just exactly what you’re capable of.

This of course, isn’t just training however. Maybe you’re forced in such a situation where you have no choice but to face something so hard that you have to give every single fiber of your being just overcome this obstacle. The odds are great, they are against you. What then, will you do? Do you give up or do you fight on?

In those odds, many people chose to give up. They’d rather whine, make excuses, and take comfort. But there are the few that see there is a possibility, and they’re going to push on through the pain, and keep at it, because they make their own goddamned odds and they rather not have any regrets, and get after it or make it very far and go down fighting.

To have this type of intensity, to put forth this type of effort, once again requires aggression. You need to have that angst inside you. You need to get angry, and you need to want it. You can’t let your mind fail you when your body can push for more. Glory or defeat is up to you.

Here’s a small story where In some instances aggression means the glory of being able to live another day…I call this story…

The legend of Kamla Devi and her feline


No, this is not Kamla Devi. Despite having a kind of pornstar name, Kamla Devi is not a pornstar and she’s not a leopard. She’s not a pornstar Leopard. This Leopard’s name is tiffany.

To get a better perspective on this story let me start with the leopard. You see, cats are anusholes. Frigging meowing all the time, wanting affection. Then when you want to pat them they go bite your goddamned hand or when you’re in front of the computer they’ll put their ass to your face…Fluffy balls of anusholes.

Anyway, here are some interesting facts about these feline dicks:

  • Leopards are pound for pound the strongest of the big cats. The Bruce Lee of cats if you will. They are able to climb trees (so you’re fudged if you think climbing a tree is going to save you), even when carrying heavy prey.
  • They rest on tree branches during the day. So basically you’re walking on minute, then the next you look up and Fudging BAM. Straight for the jugular.
  • Leopards are fast bastards. They run up to 58km/h and can leap 6m horizontally and 3m vertically. (1)
  • They can swim and they can swim well. So these cats actually don’t mind water, but that’s a bad thing. The cats that you want to mind water end up not minding it. See what’d I tell you? Cats? No es bueno.

You want even more insult to the injury? I really meant that these things are anusholes. Check this video out:

That feline dickhead came out of a goddamned roof, got pissed off for no apparent reason other than the fact it’s a leopard, and that’s what leopards do, decided to bite and leopard backhand whoever it saw, terrorise the whole small part of the village and then go into someone’s house and hide behind a small brick wall looking at everyone and possibly shouting profanities in cat language all live-long day. You see! Anusholes the lot of them! I don’t care if that’s some form of feline racisim either.

Now let’s have another perspective…

kamala-deviThis is Kamla Devi. She’s 56. Indian. Does a bit of farming. Mother of one.


And this is an iron sickle. Used for farming, pretending to be captain hook and scaring the crap out of children.

Got all that? Good. Here is where the small tale begins.

Kamla Devi was minding her business on the fields one day on August 24 of 2014. She was in the middle of carrying water from a canal to her crop field in the village of Sem Nauti. It was in early afternoon and she was already hard worked with her labour. The same labour that she does day in day out to support her only son in dirt poor rural parts of India.

Then all of a sudden from the bushes this feline asshole decides to do the dickiest move and ambush the unsuspecting Kamla, and aim straight for the jugular.


This leopard probably was chilling on a tree branch before this unlucky SOB got unwillingly tea bagged by leopard balls.

Luckily she defended herself a little bit from the first pounce but she was already wounded, bleeding, arms probably torn to shreds from the teeth and claws. Gush of blood dripping from her head. It was bad. This cat was hungry, and it was determined to eat. This, it thought, was going to be it’s next victim.

Kamla was scared. Here was a carnivore right up there on the food chain. The bruce lee of cats. Those odds weren’t in her favour at all. But.. in her words…”I gathered my courage to fight back. I promised myself that this is not my last day here” (2)

The blood gushing, wounds made, this just pissed her right the hell off. She got mad. Who the fudge was this asshole cat to tell her this was going to be it? She was destined to become it’s meal? Screw all that and screw you!

So began a THIRTY MINUTE Hand to hand combat to the death! That’s right THIRTY WHOLE MINUTES! Some which involved grappling the thing! That’s almost like you kickboxing, and wrestling a cannibalistic, hungry, trying to eat you MMA fighter for 30 minutes!

The Leopard swung, lunged at her, clawed away, bit her with her fangs, and here is a 54 year old poor farmer fighting for her life by punching, kicking, wrestling, and swinging a rusty farming tool for thirty minutes against a natural born predator. The gruelling battle coming to a close…In her words the end happened like this:

“The leopard lunged at me many times and we fought for a long time…I got hold of my sickle and fought with it. That’s when the leopard was killed.” (2).

Holy shit. She wasn’t even fighting it with the sickle this whole time too.


The face of a person who took on a leopard for 30 minutes and lived to tale the tale.

After the leopard was dead the other struggle began. “She was taken to hospital after walking half-a-mile for help”. That’s right. Not only did she have to kill the thing with her bare hands, she had to drag her own self half a mile, lots of blood lost, beaten and battered, just to find the first sign of help. You say you doing leg presses and leg extensions on leg day can’t make you walk the next day? I say Screw your leg day!

This woman fought, and survived on pure aggression on the promise that “it would not be my last day here”. She put her guts on the line and kept on fighting. Her glory was the glory of surviving another day.

Alright so what does this mean to me then?

This doesn’t mean you have to go seek fight a sabertooth tiger, a megaldon, or a sabertooth megaldon giant hawaiin crab spider with lasers shooting out of it.


And be prepared to fight for your life if you do, mofo

But what it means is, there might be a goal you think has impossible odds against you to achieve, you might have a heavy weight that you need to lift that seems impossible, or you might just be forced into a situation that seems like you need to take on the whole entire world…There’s still a possibility and you fight with everything you got for that possibility. You show your guts, you survive, and you get the glory.

Because after all, if it bleeds, you can kill it.

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