Art of Aggression #5: Herschel Walker


Herschel Walker is probably one of the most dedicated, batshit-insane, competitive badasses in our day and age. You all know I wouldn’t dedicate a blog post of art of aggression to someone that didn’t deserve it, so let’s look at this half man, half awesome credentials according to the good ol wikipedia.org:

  • Perhaps the GREATEST running back for college American Football there ever was and probably will be.
  • Olympian Bobsledder
  • Olympic Sprinter
  • Owns his own Chicken company, and is probably one of the largest ones in his state.
  • He’s a 5th dan belt in taekwondo
  • Competed in mixed martial arts and has an undefeated record of 2-0 (at the age of mother fudging 53!! Fighting people two times his juniour).
  • Author of his own books
  • Did Ballet

Guy did a crap load more than this too, but I think you get the picture by now, this guy is a legend. How did he come to succeed in so many fields and be at the top? Just like with the rest of the people I’ve mentioned: Aggression! Let’s see how it all began for Herschel.

How it all began for Herschel Walker

As a kid, Herschel in his own words, said he was a shy one. We all have probably known the one growing up. That weird-ass mofo who sits in some corner watching all the other kids play, while he picks his nose and eats his bogger, yeah, that was Herschel. Herschel not only was that kid, but he also was the kid who had a stuttering problem, you know the one. The one who you make fun of and mimic what he does, because, well, it’s hilarious…This is bad enough right? But it gets even worse. HE was also the kid who would give his money to have other kids be his friend and talk with him. So yes of course you wouldn’t be his friend after a good two minutes. You’d come back tomorrow when he gave you another dollar which you’d use to go to the arcade, right after you trip him up and laugh at his stuttering.


He was THIS kid. Just not Asian.

Herschel’s childhood was basically the suck. So of course, Herschel Walker got constantly bullied for it. Probably put in some wrestling move by another asshole kid like me via Stone cold stunner, pedigree (and thanks my brother from another mother, Joe, for doing this to me all the time in primary), or boston crab aka walls of jericho (my favourite one that I never grew out of).


My favourite wrestling move. With all the practice I did, I’m sure I perfected it.

The last day of his primary school days however, these older kids decided it too, would be fun to bully him. But this wasn’t in the funny way, meh he’ll get over it, kind of way, (yes I’m aware, no one gets over a boston crab or pedigree either, but you laugh about it later on..at least I think you do…), this was in a way that if they were game of thrones characters, you’d want them beheaded, lit on fire, and eaten by white-walkers, with no coming back to life.

That day changed Herschel forever. Something inside of him snapped. He got mad. He said to himself “I’m not going to be that wussy, stuttering, weak poo-butt-ass that gets bullied and treated this way. Today, from this day forward, I’m going to make sure they remember my name, curse it upon their mothers and fathers, curse it upon their generations before, and after. I’m Herschel Mother fudging Walker.”

So Herschel decided to go to his coach who was teaching kids football and he asked him “coach, how do I get stronger?” The coach looked at him straight in the eyes and said “Pushups, situps, sprints”.

So what did Herschel do? Pushups, situps, sprints….Everyday. 5000 of them.

He’d try outrun horses sprinting, outrun a train, and try outrun his sister, who at the time could easily beat him at a foot race.


and he probably face planted like this a lot of times too.

He did this every single day without fail. During T.V. Commercials, going to the toilet, passing a door way, as soon as he woke up, lunch, before he went to bed, he did his pushups and sit ups along with sprints. Even got a tractor tire, tied a rope and ran sprinted with that…Well eventually it paid off. By the time he got to high school, everyone didn’t mess with him. As for his stutter problem? He every night and morning went in front of the mirror and did whatever it took to get rid of that problem.

His school was full of the best of the best players in American College foot ball. The best sprinters, people with great strength. But to give you an idea of how badass this guy was by the time he reached high school, listen to this story:

One day the football coach, as part of the football tests, made the players do the bench press and see what they could do. Herschel never touched a weight at this point. The coach said “alright you little sissys. None of ya can even do 250 pounds, go get your vitamins, say your prayers, and come back and not be a sissy”. Herschel said “coach, can I try?” So the coach agreed. Then Herschel casually just lifts it up and down as if it were Styrofoam plates…Herschel was confused and said to the coach “uh coach? This isn’t heavy”. The first time he even touched a damned weight as a teen!!

One day, also, as part of the training, everyone on Herschel’s football team had to do weights. Herschel sat this one out and just looked at everyone. When the coaches and other players said amongst themselves “what’s wrong with this guy? Why isn’t he training?” Herschel got up, put 350 pounds on the bar for the bench press and repped it…Setting, at the time, a state record for the football team. Holy shit!


Just all from doing 1000s of pushups a day without fail.

To top this all off, while in school he decided to do many pursuits. Bob sledding, Ballet, Sprinting on the track and field team, he even was valedictorian! Also doing Tae-kwon-do (which means he’ll kick the holy shift-key out of you…literally), and all the while being the best of the best at American Football as a running back.

The guy was so competitive in fact that he once wanted to take on Mike Tyson in a one-on-one fight all because Mike Tyson made “a bold statement, that he’s the baddest man in the universe, and it’s a statement he’d like to see him stand behind”.

Would you fight Mike Tyson? Herschel would.

The guy had so much aggression and competitiveness, that after his football career was over, he even decided to play Russian roulette with himself because he “thought of it as competition”. Who the fruit does that? Herschel that’s who! What did he win at the end? His life…And bragging rights, because he’s Herschel “I won at Russian roulette” Walker. As crazy as I am…This guy can have this one.

Years went by after his College Football Running back career, and Herschel dedicated himself to other fields. He opened his chicken company, he went on the apprentice with Donald Trump, he went on to do mixed martial arts, and wrote books. He did all this while sticking to his strict daily training routine. Which from the time the coach told him to do Pushups, situps and sprints, it became this:

In case you didn’t catch the video:

“2000 pushups, 3000 sit ups, 1500 pull ups, 1000 dips, different things like that, creating different hand positions for all that”. On top of all the other extra activities he does like MMA training and sparring, and isometrics, but without fail he did his pushups and sit ups. Some might say this guy is insane, who has time for that, but to that I say, screw you he’s the mother fudging Walker!

He also claims he:

SLEEPS 4 hours a night

Eats only one meal a day which is a bread, soup and salad.

Guy lives off photosynthesis of the sun…And aggression.

A side note: My take on Hershel Walker’s training and eating


His Training:

Did his training get him his body and athletic abilities? I believe so. Herschel wasn’t a skinny kid, he was chubby. If you try and attempt to do what he did and are 140 pounds soaking wet, chances are you aren’t going to get that far. He’s 225 pounds! His training routine that he does daily is also just part of what he does, he does a lot more things that require a lot of different strength. Bodyweight exercises, in high numbers, a lot of people think just condition you, but the truth is, it can build some amazing strength too. Here at my Melbourne Personal Training facility, I’ve seen many cases where I get people just predominantly do bodyweight squats, burpees, etc, for their legs (the ones that want that athletic look), and when they go ahead and touch a barbell for squats, they’re squatting a decent number (not world class, not super heavy, but decent, for a lot of reps). The key is, to push till you can’t do that last one any more, and consistency. A lot can’t stomach the pain of that insane burn, till their body truly gives out. Is it the best way for strength when it comes to lifting heavy stuff? Of course not, but will it get you strong and super athletic? You bet, and Herschel was probably the most conditioned athlete there was. He’s still smoking the 20 year olds and teens in college with just his simple routine.

His eating and sleeping:

His eating and sleep gets the most controversy. Let me tell you first hand, I went through a period where I ate one meal a day, and every other day because I was supremely busy with business and I had literally no time, I wanted to be successful so I made the sacrifice. I was SUPER ripped, but I as weak as a catabolic kitten. Don’t get me wrong, I was still fit, and strong, but I wasn’t lifting the weights I was, and didn’t have as good as endurance as I did when I started eating normal again…I was also sleeping 3-4 hours a night. It WILL get to you eventually, especially when you’re still training 1-2 hours a day (I was predominantly doing bodyweight at the time too, like Herschel, also a bit of kick-boxing but it was a convenience thing, rather than a preference, when you’re on the road almost 24/7 that tends to be your only option). So why does it work for Herschel and not me, or anyone else? It’s because Herschel has been doing this HIS WHOLE LIFE. His body adapted to this. The same way if a kid from an early age did running, started lifting weights, or the opposite, and was fat, he’s more prone to be be built that way for the rest of his life if he kept at it, because that’s all his body knows. Either that, or he’s lying, or his body is just made to have that much muscle mass, and keep there.

As a nutritionist, I say everyone is different, and has their own unique tolerances and intolerances. But I definitely advise against eating like this. You need all your vitamins and minerals, daily intake from all varieties of foods, and if you want to pack on the mass and are active you’ve got to eat, and eat a lot. If you want to lose weight and fat, you can’t just starve yourself, you’ll have to gradually do it otherwise you’d plateau and fast. So leave this unique diet to this unique individual. It was clearly made for him.

So what can we learn about Herschel Walker?

  • Consistency is king. It’s a mindset more than anything, and if you want to do something you’ll do whatever it takes to do it. No excuses. If that means sleeping 4 hours a night, eating one meal, or doing 10,000 pushups, you’re sure as heck going to to it, before you come back and complain “you’ve tried everything”.
  • You rather be the hunter or the prey. Everyday is a day to get stronger, and everyday you don’t use wisely is a day wasted. Whether that be on the business front, sporting arena, or any other facet of life. Choose to do something and be great at it.
  • Just get in there and fudging do it! Aggressively. You’ve got to be that goddamned Juggernaut, Bitch.

Now go out there, and walk your walk, rather than talk your talk, Walker.

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