Bodyweight plyometric pushup routine

This routine will accomplish three things;

  1. Make you more explosive throughout your whole body
  2. Give you superior muscular endurance 
  3. Give you functional strength
  4. (added bonus) Will make you burn a great amount of fat

Go fast and get as many rounds as you can for time (I suggested 15 minutes for those of you that are hardcore) or 10 rounds (as a good start for those with hardly any cardio base). Granted that you work hard, and put in the effort, the results will come.

The Plyometric Pushup Routine

Have a bench, box, or anything sturdy, and a keg or sandbag.

  • Do 3-5 explosive plyo box pushups. Get into a pushup position, chest to floor, and in one motion, push up explosively so your hands leave the ground and put your arms forward and try touch the box (see video)
  • Do 10 keg/sandbag shoulder squats (I used a 55-60kg water filled keg) on both sides
  • Repeat

No Sandbag/Keg? No problem!

  • Do 3-5 explosive plyometric pushups
  • Do 10 squat jumps
  • Repeat


If you cannot perform the plyometric box pushups, you can do clap pushups instead. I would suggest that unless you can do at least 20 clap pushups you can attempt the box pushups. You can make the workout harder by increasing the number of reps with the pushups or the squats, depending what you’re focusing on (E.G. you want more explosiveness in your arms for things like punches, then do more reps for the pushups, if you want more endurance with your legs, do more squats). Tailor this to suit you.

This is a great routine for those of you who want an athletic body, have hardly any equipment, and are into some type of martial arts or combat sport. Also for those that want to do a flying superman pushup, this is a great routine to work up to be able to do one.

Now get in there and train hard! If you’re hardcore, go LIKE the paindoesnthurt facebook page.


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