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There is NO tomorrow!

There are 24 hours in the day. 8 hours is taken by your sleep. Another 8 hours is taken by your work. 2 hours is taken for doing your necessities in the day. 18 hours is gone just like that. However, you have 6 hours to do whatever you please. So how will you use…

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The definition of commitment is to be dedicated to something, whether a person or a cause. A commitment is an obligation, and that often means sacrificing freedom in other aspects of life. The commitment definition of today to most people can easily be read the opposite in this world of travelling the road that requires…

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How winning is done

Winning means victory. A victory in a competition when competing with others is one fine example in sports. You are either one of the losers or you are either the top dog, the one who has bested the best. In life it is the same. Take for an example a job interview you had once.…

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