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Alcohol for the health and gainz!

A note before we begin with this; There is going to be some of you that can’t control your alcoholic tendencies, and there’ll be those of you that are strict teetotalers, and I know you’ll persist on the idea to be-little what’s written on here, in which I’ll save you the trouble by saying; Calm your…

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Why I’ve forsaken paleo diets and took my Paleo book down

Paleo. You can see in my early posts (some of which were just finding my “voice” and other random amusing tidbits I thought at the time that I now look back and think are probably retarded in some way), that I advocated paleo, and I even wrote two books on the topic. One of which…

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How to eat junk food and stay lean for christmas: The art of Deplete and Replete

Christmas is almost here, and it’s quite obvious that all of you have celebrations and gatherings, and these gatherings and celebrations will have 4 necessary things that I’m sure cannot be avoided by most: 1. Lots of food 2. Lots of alcohol 3. Drunken people passed out on the toilet 4. Fisticups and a possible…

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Broccoli vs. Beef

Broccoli DOES NOT have MORE PROTEIN than beef

The title says it all. Broccoli does NOT have more protein than beef. There has been a picture floating around that’s for some reason popular lately, that has made all vegans, rock a vegan boner (or lack-there-of) that they just can’t wait and self to tout their superiority of their “plant based diet”. So what…

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Vegetarian Myths #2: Vegans have better sex

Vegetarian Myths: Vegans have better sex You might think this is a ridiculous topic, and you know what? You’re right! To even think that practically over 90% of vegans spout that 100% of them have better sex than the evil meat eaters, is the most ludicrous statement in the history of man kind. For those…

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Vegetarian myths #1: Vegetarians live longer

Vegetarian myths #1: Vegetarians live longer One thing I noticed is that most vegans are anusholes. Bold claim, yes, but I did say most, not all. When you go to a resturant they almost always have to let the waiter and everyone else know that they’re vegetarian and are somehow better and superior than everyone…

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Is fruit bad for you? The story of fructose and the myth of fruit

Is fruit bad for you? The story of fructose and the myth of fruit Whether it be on T.V. The internet, magazine, or that smelly person in the urinal or cubicle next to you, you’ve most likely heard it somewhere at least once that fruit is bad for you and that fruit should be avoided…

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Overcoming a fat loss plateau #1: Leptin

Overcoming a fat loss plateau #1: Leptin Let me put you in a nostalgic scenario: You wake up in the morning from a sweet slumber, you dreamt  that you had a harem of girls (or for you ladies, guys), flock toward you on the beach amazed by that body of yours. Your sexiness leaves the…

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Diet scams: how to lose fat eating whatever you want by eating low or high Carb/fat/protein

Diet scams: how to lose fat eating whatever you want by eating low or high carb/fat/protein Now before I do get on with the actual post on diet scams I’m going to start with a story. Yes, it does relate to the post, and scams in general but if you just hate my stories then…

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Red meat Causes Cancer? And other red meat myths!

Red meat cancer myth? Red meat has apparently been shown to give you the following: Cause breast cancer (1) Cause bowel cancer (2) Heart diseases by the L-Carnitine found in red meat (3) Heart diseases…because saturated fat, duh, because saturated fat is the bad fat and red meat is loaded with it (4) IT CAN…

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