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Slow Cooker Recipe #6: Iranian Meat Ball Soup paleo

 Slow cooker recipe: Iranian Meat Ball Paleo Soup! BALLS! Meat BALLS that is! You want something exotic, it’s cold, and you want balls….And…Because, the only thing that gives orders is balls… If this is you then you get this soup down your gullet and watch scarface while you eat hearty! (And if you haven’t watched…

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Low carb recipe #3: Spicy Mustard Short Ribs

Low Carb recipe #3: Spicy Mustard Short Ribs Maybe you find yourself in a position where you’re doing the cooking for a party, celebration or other festive…or maybe you just want some motherfudging ribs, because, screw other meals that are seemingly rabbit food. You want to spice up your life and others with something meaty…

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peach melba

Mouth-gasm desserts #1: Peach Melba

Mouth-gasm desserts #1: Peach Melba You got guests over. You got the complaining one, the stupid one, the ugly one and of course the hot one. Trying to be a suave guy like me just doesn’t seem to work for you…And you know, you’ve tried it on the hot one before, so it’s now your…

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spicy lime chicken wings

Low Carb Recipe #2: Spicy Lime Chicken Wings

LOW CARB RECIPE: SPICY LIME CHICKEN WINGS When you aren’t looking at your own wings in front of the mirror of a public toilet or one in the children’s kindergarden, why not make yourself some wings to eat? Chicken wings are usually very cheap to get, and are very easy to make a big batch…

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Low carbohydrate recipes #1: Prosciutto Chicken

Low carbohydrate recipes #1: Prosciutto Chicken  Got a date with a hot Italian fitness bunny? Is the only way she’ll date you if you have your very own low carbohydrate recipes? Then this is something that will wow them along with your “apparently well read literary knowledge of their back round”. This dish has Italian…

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Low carbohydrate desserts #1: Lemon Poppy seed muffins

Pain doesnt hurt presents: Lemon poppy seed muffins low carbohydrate desserts style. Imagine having these treats after a meal while still being in ketosis? Good enough to have a girl over at yours and for the girls, good enough to get a man to win your heart…If you mix whip cream with it. Anyway, let’s…

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Paleo slow cooker recipe 5: Banana Coconut bread

Paleo slow cooker recipe: Banana coconut bread This stuff is the balls. If you want to bulk up or even lose weight and want something sweet to bring to work or have for breakfast this would be it! Heck, if you’re even having problems with sleep, the walnuts which are rich in tryptophan, along with…

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Paleo Slow cooker recipe 4: Kale and Mushroom Quiche

 Kale and mushroom Quiche Rich in flavours, this quiche is perfect for your morning meals. Turn the crock pot on the night before to make sure it’s ready for breakfast and feel free to customize the recipes by adding more vegetables or replacing the ones found in the recipe. Enjoy this paleo slow cooker recipe!…

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Paleo slow cooker recipe 3: Pork Spare Ribs

PALEO SLOW COOKER RECIPE: PORK SPARE RIBS NOTE: This is one of many recipes from my book on Amazon (in both kindle and paperback)- The 30 day paleo diet slow cooker recipe cookbook: Delicious, easy recipes to cook at home that restore health and lose weight by Ceps Weston Domingo. Be sure to subscribe for…

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Paleo slow cooker recipe 2: Roasted red pepper and spinach frittata

  PALEO SLOW COOKER RECIPE: ROASTED RED PEPPER AND SPINACH FRITTATA   Frittata has Spanish origins and it’s very similar to an omelet, but it uses more vegetables, it’s creamy and the flavors are more intense unlike omelets which tend to be much simpler, with fewer ingredients, focusing more on the eggs than the additional…

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