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Hardcore Kettlebell Routine #1

Here’s a good one to do at the end of your workouts if you want some good conditioning and a bit more strength work. This will melt the fat off, get you into superior condition, and make you much stronger. It’s going to turn you into a lean, mean unrelenting machine, capable of destroying a…

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Bodyweight plyometric pushup routine

This routine will accomplish three things; Make you more explosive throughout your whole body Give you superior muscular endurance  Give you functional strength (added bonus) Will make you burn a great amount of fat Go fast and get as many rounds as you can for time (I suggested 15 minutes for those of you that…

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Hardcore Bodyweight Conditioning 1: Burpees and bearcrawls

Here’s the deal: Mark 5 Meters (at a minimum) Set the timer for 10 minutes (at a minimum) Burpees can be done with or without a pushup Burpees are forward jumps instead of jumping straight up Do Burpee forward jumps the first 5 meters Do Bear crawls back the 5 meters Instead of standing up…

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Art of Aggression #5: Herschel Walker

Herschel Walker is probably one of the most dedicated, batshit-insane, competitive badasses in our day and age. You all know I wouldn’t dedicate a blog post of art of aggression to someone that didn’t deserve it, so let’s look at this half man, half awesome credentials according to the good ol Perhaps the GREATEST…

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Steady state cardio vs HIIT cardio

Steady state cardio vs HIIT cardio Steady state cardio is what we refer to as continual movement such as jogging, cycling etc while HIIT (high intensity interval training) is what we refer to as having bursts of intensity followed by a light movement period. So things such as sprinting 30 seconds and resting 30 seconds.…

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5 BIGGEST lies on recreational jogging and steady state cardio

5 BIGGEST LIES ON STEADY STATE CARDIO   Look at the picture above. I’m sure you fitness buffs and bunnies have seen this picture before or something similar haven’t you? Wouldn’t you be convinced just from this that sprinting is much better at fat loss than regular jogging and all types of steady state cardio…

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STOP DRINKING PROTEIN SHAKES! It is stealing your money and they’re killing you!

The good ol’ protein shakes. No bodybuilder or hardcore gym rat is without their shaker bottle every time they step foot in the gym, just like no Viking is without their Ale, or no RPG game is without their mana potions. For years we have all believed that protein shakes are a MUST to build…

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How to become a regular sleeping beauty (or brute): 18 tips on How to sleep better

  In the previous article I detailed why sleep is important for fat loss, muscle gain, cognition, memory, impotence and in general just make you a depressing person to be around (Not mentioned in the article is that lack of sleep can actually age you!) Now with that out of the way we can talk…

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Sleep deprivation causes diabeties, and makes you an impotent fat emotional retard

Less sleep is what people aim for now days. Since the beginning of the invention of the light bulb in fact. People think 6 hours of sleep is more than enough and even less than that is praised by everyone as a sign of someone who is a hard worker in business. Before the invention…

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Jump rope: One of the finest tools to lose fat

The jump rope is one of the finest pieces of training equipment there is. It has been used by boxers, MMA fighters, martial artists, for years. It is more than just your playground, and child’s toy. It is one of the finest tools there is to lose fat at warp speed. JUMP ROPE BENEFITS Improves…

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