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THIS IS THE END & The beginning of Strength Muscle Steel

Like all good things, sometimes it must come to an end. This site is one of them. I’ve become increasing absent on here writing posts, and with daily visitors and fans asking where I am, when the next post is etc, It kind of saddens me. The Reason Why Pain Doesn’t Hurt Is Closing Down…

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Flex your mental muscles: Books I recommend part 1

Flexing your muscles in front of girls, in front of the mirror, in front of unsuspecting public people, or doing the most muscular to babies and kids in the playground as you’re passing by to strike fear in the hearts of them and their parents sure is fun, and yes, highly important, but however, exercising…

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Why I’ve forsaken paleo diets and took my Paleo book down

Paleo. You can see in my early posts (some of which were just finding my “voice” and other random amusing tidbits I thought at the time that I now look back and think are probably retarded in some way), that I advocated paleo, and I even wrote two books on the topic. One of which…

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5 Life And Training Lessons I’ve Learned From The Movie #1: “Crank”

Crank is the balls. If you haven’t watched it, or you have and thought it was crap, check your fudging pulse because there’s a good chance you’re either dead, you’ve failed at life, are an homo-erotic fairy, or all three of them. But for the uninitiated asking “What the fruit is the movie crank”? Oh,…

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I never wanted to be a “Dad” anyway…

WARNING: This is an offensive rant. If you’re easily offended then go watch spongebob, because you’ve obviously took a wrong turn and you’re in the wrong hood… Let’s begin. Being a Dad sucks. I’m not talking about being a Dad to a kid either, I’m meaning possessing the required “Dad bod” and pulling some females,…

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You’ve got mail…HATE mail! #1: Vegetarians and fat people stealing my vacation

It’s bound to happen, but here it is! The first of many blog posts I get on hate mails! Not all of them will make it to the blog posts for reasons such as 1: They’re wayyyyy too long to read that I never even bothered to read them, and in case you think I’m…

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Low Carb Recipe #4: Mediterranean Meatballs

Mediterranean Meatballs Meatballs are good for every occasion. Dinner parties, family gatherings, bulking up for the gym, or just plain cheering up that person who went through a break-up or divorce…and you know, you’re trying to take advantage of the rebound, and you know the way to their….heart…is showing them the simple pleasures that is…

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Low Carb Recipe #4: Spinach Tomato Quiche

Low carb recipe: Spinach Tomato Quiche It’s poker night and you’re going to have friends over, yet you had a busy day and just don’t have a damned clue what to make, and the boys are hungry. You’re cutting right now too, and you don’t want to sound like the biggest anushole and tell all…

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Skepticism: always be a skeptic! Things AREN’T what they seem!

Now before I actually get onto this little lesson of skepticism today, I want to start off by saying that no this post is NOT going to be about or include conspiracy theories about such things as 911, the government, or amazon Babylonian women breeding with tigers to help develop our super soldiers…and no aliens…

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