contractgoldpenThe definition of commitment is to be dedicated to something, whether a person or a cause. A commitment is an obligation, and that often means sacrificing freedom in other aspects of life. The commitment definition of today to most people can easily be read the opposite in this world of travelling the road that requires the less work. When work is presented, the commitment phobia ensues.

How many times have you heard someone tell you their goals, their new year’s resolutions and only to fail and not continue, or even not attempt what they said they would set out to do at all? Commitments are a cause in which you do not quit when the going gets tough and especially not on the first sign of trouble. Being committed means to work things out in order to succeed over a period of time. Commitment can just as well be synonymous with perseverance.

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When you are trying to lose fat, build muscle, be healthy and you do the daily commitment of eating right, sleeping, training and saying no when the temptation presents itself, day after day, week after week, year after year, that’s commitment. When you give in just because some person says you’re anti-social because you won’t eat what they’re eating, drink what they’re drinking, say that you won’t train today because you didn’t have enough sleep or it was a bad day for whatever reason, you know deep down that isn’t commitment.


Take out a pen and paper right now.

Step 1:

Write down the topic of the goal e.g. Training goal

Step 2:

Write down a long term goal that you really want to achieve e.g. Do 100 pushups

Step 3:

Write down short term goals that will lead up to you doing that long term goal e.g. goal 1: do 10 pushups goal 2: do 20 pushups etc.

Step 4:

Set a realistic deadline for your long term goal e.g. Do 100 pushups in 1 year

Step 5:

Do the work daily to reach that goal. Be committed to achieving each short term goal and finally your long term goal.

A pen and paper is a simple test for you to see how strong your character is. Taking the above example, maybe you won’t get to 100 pushups in one year, maybe you will. If you do then congratulations! If you don’t, do you quit? what if you got up to 80 within a year from only being able to do 5 at the beginning? Do you think that isn’t at least a few steps in the right direction and that all you needed for the formula of success is time, which is intertwined with commitment?

For that one year of trying to achieve your goal you will encounter many distractions, many temptations, many times where you will have troubles and want to give up. But YOU now know what it means to be committed and you will face every obstacle in order to reach that goal. It doesn’t matter if this committed goal is business, training, or a relationship.

When you are committed you have to go all in. There’s no leeway to what you set out to do. You want to make a life-time commitment to a person? Then you stick with it for a life-time. You want to achieve a goal? Then you do what it takes to achieve it and do something about it every day. You want to lose fat and get ripped? Then you walk instead of drive, you train every day and you eat only according to how much you should eat and what you should eat on the days you should be. The sacrifices you make are painful, but remember, pain doesn’t hurt.

Meaning_of_Black_Belt_by_bluesky_86To be a master in anything you must make a commitment. In karate, it takes 3 years to earn your black belt, to be an apprentice. 10 years to become an expert, and 20 to become a master. A succession of brutal regimes and countless repetition. Be a master at your craft. Make the commitment.

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Meaning of black belt by bluesky-86

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