peach melba

Mouth-gasm desserts #1: Peach Melba

Mouth-gasm desserts #1: Peach Melba

peach melba

You got guests over. You got the complaining one, the stupid one, the ugly one and of course the hot one. Trying to be a suave guy like me just doesn't seem to work for you...And you know, you've tried it on the hot one before, so it's now your last chance to win their heart and for them give you the D or the V or the ABC (and if you're lucky, the Z).

Or maybe you're someone that just wants your significant other to be utterly whipped to you... and you just aren't quite simply as awesome as I am... Well guess you're going to have to wow them with your dessert making skills!

So here it is! Let's get down to the gift in a bowl, the 8th world wonder of the world, your talent to make a healthily bad-ass peach melba!

The low-down on the creation of the peach melba

Prep time: 10 minutes

Cook time: 20 minutes

Serves: 4 people


4 peaches, cut in half, pit removed

1/2 cup raspberries, pureed

1 cup heavy cream, whipped

4 tablesppons sliced almonds

How do you make this shizzle for frizzle?

    1. Heat a grill pan over low to medium heat and place the peaches on the hot pan with the cut facing down...yeah cause you like it face down.
    2. Cook them for 5 minutes on one side then flip them over and cook 5 more minutes...that's right! Make sweet McLovin'to it! Do some work dammit!
    3. You can also poach the peaches in water and a touch of natural sweetener plus a cinnamon stick and one star anise for flavour. When they are soft, slice them and let them cool.
    4. Place the peaches in serving bowls and top with a dollop of whipped cream (the whip! Whoop-tch!), drizzle with raspberry puree and sprinkle with sliced almonds

Serve them fresh...who the heck serves their significant other or the hot one rotten stuff?

Nutritional information per serving

Calories: 184


Protein: 3g

Carbohydrates: 13.3g

There you go! An awesome healthy dessert topped with the whipped cream to whip them into your life...for good...And make them do whatever you say



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