How to lose fat #3: Eat less lose fat

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Eat less lose fat. It’s that simple. Every single fad diet out there would have you believe that if you cut one thing out you’ll lose weight. What every fad diet won’t tell you is that you naturally have to cut out food to lose fat. Some say low carbohydrates is the way to go, others say high carbohydrate diets are the way to go, some say low fat diets are good and some say low fat diets are bad. Think about what those diets are doing. They are limiting one thing so that the person can naturally eat less. Problem is, you STILL have to keep track of how much you eat and you STILL have to include carbohydrates, fats and proteins for each of your meals. Each method of losing fat will be a new post detailing why it is good, bad and how to use it for your advantage and mostly make it good. This post will tell you benefits and tips to get started immediately.

Tips to control hunger

#1. Eat less meals

One thing is common place with people that are overweight… THEY EAT. So first thing’s first. Limit your meals! 3 is the maximum number of meals you should have if you want to lose fat. For a detailed post on why eating less can increase your metabolism, control glucose better and is just better over all for losing fat check it out here.

#2. CHEW your food

You aren’t in an eating contest so don’t just get a heaping handful and stuff it in your mouth with a few bites! CHEW! The very act of consciously chewing will allow your stomach to enable to digest the food better by first digesting in the mouth. Digestion begins in the mouth (mastication), in doing this you will limit your hunger by giving your body time to know how much you need rather than how much you want. As a good guideline, chew at least 30 times. This is just a guideline and I don’t expect you to keep counting every single meal, and bite for life. This is just to get you started by knowing how much roughly you should keep the food in your mouth before it goes into your stomach.

#3 Take small bites! E.G. Use a smaller spoon / scoop less food on your spoon. Cut up your meat to small pieces.

As mentioned in number 2, you eating a huge handful can easily be the reason why you are eating too much in the first place. By getting into the habit of eating smaller pieces every bite and taking your time with it you’ll enable yourself to eat less naturally and feel much more fuller with less food! Experiment with smaller spoons, cutting up your food, using chop sticks, not putting so much on your spoon and fork etc.

French mess kit

Eating with smaller utensils forces you to take smaller bites


#4 Chewing gum

If you are still hungry after a meal chewing a chewing gum will help. Chewing stimulates the act of eating and it can trick your body into thinking you are eating and therefore curb appetite. I don’t typically like to recommend chewing the gum on a empty stomach because I do have a sneaky suspicion that it will let your stomach release hydrochloric acid and your body to digest something that isn’t there, but if you are eating bigger meals instead of smaller meals, and if you chew the gum not too long apart from your meals, you should be fine.

How to control how much you should eat

#1. Calories

There is no way around this. Calories are a good measure of if you are eating too much, and how much you should be eating if you wanted to lose fat. For all the clinical studies out there, for athletes, body builders, weight loss clinics and every other fitness/nutrition oriented topic, calories are the biggest part of the equation. Eating less is a science and counting calories can be a good education as to how much is too much at the beginning, and when you get used to it, you have a new found knowledge of how much you should be eating to lose fat, even while equating having a treat once in awhile.

#2. Portion control

Portion control is the act of using your hand and thumb to estimate how much you, as a person, should be eating. If you were a heavily muscled person then it can be a little underestimated how much you should eat to maintain that muscle and lose fat, since a fist doesn’t change in size, but it is a very good weapon to use when you are out and about and you don’t have a cup to measure things. A fist is protein sized portion, a palm is a carbohydrate sized portion and the outline of the thumb is a fat portion.

In upcoming posts we will discuss more about how to count calories to lose weight and diet tips that don’t involve counting calories so much, as well as how to get over a plateau with fat loss.

Eat less to lose fat. This is a saying true to the very last word and it is a painful truth. But remember, PAIN DOESNT HURT

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