Eating your carbohydrates at night will not turn you into a fat bastard


This guy was a skinny bastard but then turned into a sumo wrestler the next day because he ate carbohydrates after 5PM

One of the best times to eat carbohydrates, and the majority of your carbohydrates too, is in the evening. “Eating carbohydrates at night? Well holy St. Patrick on top of a Nun! What kind of rubbish advice is that? Carbohydrates after 5PM is going to make you fat! That is the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard! Everyone on the internet is now dumber for hearing that. May god have mercy on your soul!”

Yes, I can hear you saying that now. But hear me out will ya?

How many times have you been plagued with one of these following statements regarding eating carbohydrates at night time?


How about something more specific?

“There’s a carb cut-off in the evening because if you eat carbohydrates at night time you aren’t using it as energy and you’ll store it as fat”

Or how about?

“You eat carbs at night? you’re a retard!! And I’m smarter than you so you should listen to my greatness.”

Let me give you permission to do a muay thai round house kick to anyone who even so much as utters one of those 3 phrases. Let me explain enlighten you with the truth, the light, that is eating carbohydrates at night!

Does eating carbohydrates at night turn you into fat bastard off the Austin powers movie?


To save the trouble for the people among us who don’t find the science entertaining, let me tell you the answer right now is NO it does not and the main indicator if you are getting fat or not is HOW MUCH TOTAL FOOD IN THE DAY YOU ARE EATING AND BURNING OFF. AKA CALORIES.

Now to give you, friends, all the ammo for your AKA-47 to fire at the those who give you resistance with eating carbohydrates at night! Let’s tackle a few statements that are most commonly heard!

The first one we hear is “Because carbohydrates are used for energy needs, the reason why you will tend to store it as fat when eating it after 5pm and eating it at the day time being ideal is because you don’t use much energy expenditure when sleeping, and therefore cannot burn them off”.

In theory that sounds like a pretty plausible reason right?


Image credits: HulkWolf

I’ll give it credit that your energy expenditure DOES fall when you sleep BUT it also RISES too! Energy expenditure rises when you are in deep sleep state also called REM (1). Not only that but When you exercise, the effect of you training lets you burn fat much more during sleep since it increases the sleeping metabolic rate significantly (2).

So with sleep energy expenditure out of the way the next argument can be

“But it’s bloody carbohydrates! It’s USED for energy! Therefore, even if you’re sleeping energy expenditure is now moot point, it isn’t exactly ideal to have carbohydrates because it’ll make it harder to lose fat right? Look at everyone that eats heaps sweet carbohydrates! They’re all fat anyway. YOU WILL turn into a sumo wrestler if you eat carbohydrates after 5pm! I win you lose go suck a lemon.”




Not so fast eagger mc.Beaver! How about we put that to the test?

A study shows that there was two groups of people. The people are police officers that have a BMI over 30…So the type of police officers that are probably mall cops and you can say “want more doughnuts buddy?” and have no problem running away from.


Image credits: zerojigoku

One that ate the majority of their carbohydrates during the day and the other that ate their carbohydrates at night. How much was the majority of the carbohydrates consumed at night? 80%! The results? The group that ate carbohydrates at night lost more fat, their insulin sensitivity improved, they felt more satiated and had decreased inflammation!

How much fat was lost compared to the other group? 28%! If you still don’t believe that it’s possible, consider that both groups ate the same amount of calories and were sedentary (3). 

The study suggests “A simple dietary manipulation of carbohydrate distribution appears to have additional benefits when compared to a conventional weight loss diet in individuals suffering from obesity. It might also be beneficial for individuals suffering from insulin resistance and the metabolic syndrome.” (3).

What more is there to debate?


Image credits: PanchoAtomos

“Well that’s night time, but obviously I bet they’ll feel like crap the next morning, surely that would have to mess up your metabolism the next morning!”

Some people just don’t know when to quit!

“The purpose of the present study was to investigate whether whey protein (WP), casein protein (CP), carbohydrate (CHO) or a non-energy-containing placebo (PLA) consumed before sleep alters morning appetite and resting energy expenditure (REE) in active men…The predicted REE was significantly greater after consumption of the WP, CP and CHO than after that of the PLA…Night-time consumption of WP, CP or CHO, in the hours close to sleep, elicits favourable effects on the next-morning metabolism when compared with that of a PLA in active young men” (4).

So by now you can see that having carbohydrates at night, the majority of them does a few things:

  • Makes you lose weight more
  • Makes you feel less hungry

So what’s the verdict on eating carbohydrates at night?

Go ahead and have those sweet potatoes with a good hearty steak and eggs while watching a Jean Claude Van Damne movie and having incredibly sexy kinky rough sex with your significant other! Eat hearty be merry and lose fat!


Eating pumpkin and mashed sweet potatoes with steak while watching Jean Claude Van Damne killing dudes brutality and doing splits? Wouldn’t have dinner any other way!



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