Fat people are taking your money


“The family from Blackburn claim £22,508 a year in benefits, equivalent to the take-home pay from a £30,000 salary. The Chawners, haven’t worked in 11 years…Mr Chawner said: “What we get barely covers the bills and puts food on the table. It’s not our fault we can’t work. We deserve more.” (1)

I know this blog post is going to cause some people to be angry, think I'm a total Uranus, Pluto and Saturn, but I just don't give a damn.

Some of you may get a sense that I hate fat people. I want to clear something out right now. I do and don't. I have the utmost respect for people that have extra fat and are doing something about it, making no excuses, and are at it every single day. Those type of people, I LOVE to train, love to advise, and it's right up there with things that please me to the utmost (and even why I'm bothering doing a blog), when someone gets results and eventually can do it all themselves and keep it off.


Obviously there's going to be a lot of people saying it's because she has "genetics" or is taking "special supplements" or some other random horse dung, when all she did is just hard work.

The people I hate? The ones that make the most stupidest excuses for them eating so much more than they possibly need, make no effort, complain about some person that's "too ripped and unnatural" or about their own weight. What possible excuse do these people have to not get off the couch and eat healthy foods. We ALL have a sense on what exactly is healthy and bad for you even if you aren't a qualified health professional like I am.

We ALL have the common sense that if we want to get in shape we have to move more instead of less, so what possible excuse does one have to be on the couch all day and blame whatever person or marketing campaign for their "disease"?


You're going to be shocked but...I've heard even more ridiculous excuses with someone finding a reason not to train.

How much do I hate THESE fat people? I hate them as much if someone meatwad decided to cock-block me and stole my hard earned money that I could've used for a nice vacation on a beach somewhere with a beautiful latina woman.


Because I my taxes are going to the fat people that are "too fat to work" I now cannot have a vacation with this beauty on a beach somewhere! You see! What a cock-block!

Be prepared to be shocked...If you think it's not as bad as you think, check out a few of these other stories!

Being on the benefit for being obese and still being fat even if she had a husband who's a personal trainer?!!!


"They say opposites attract. So fitness instructor Sean Phillips must be very attracted to his wife Wendy who tips the scales at 30 stone and claims that she is too fat to earn a living.

46-year-old Wendy admits to spending two decades eating junk food and has claimed around £30,000 in sickness benefits since she had to leave her job working in a care home five years ago." (2)

Holy Christmas Tree!!!! What's her excuse for someone qualified to help?

"she says: 'Sean’s advised me about nutrition and exercise, but I don’t have as much willpower as him. I’m sensitive about my weight so he doesn’t push me.

Wendy, who was a size 16 before she fell pregnant at 21 and now wears a dress size 36, maintains that the only way she will slim is if the NHS pays for a gastric bypass, which can cost up to £15,000." (2)

Excuse my language but that's a load of camel ass. Hairy camel ass! No will power? You're telling me, that something as simple as just getting off the couch for starters, and let alone living with a personal trainer is something that is so impossible that you have absolutely NO will power for it? Because of that, I'm paying for people like her to just sit around and eat more jelly donuts?

It doesn't end here.

"Amazingly Wendy has only attempted to diet once since she left her job five years ago - so she could fit in to her wedding dress.

She says: 'I lost 3st by cutting down on carbs and going for walks but despite dropping to 22st and my back pain improving, I was 28st again within a year.

She adds: 'I’m ashamed I haven’t been able to work and I’ve claimed so much in benefits. I wish I could stick to diets, but some people just don’t have self- control – it’s not our fault." (2)

The only thing I will give though is there's a lot of misinformation on "diets" out there now days. The simple fact of the matter is, know how much is too much, don't over-eat and get off the damned couch! (as an aside, if anyone wants a little view on why carbohydrates is beneficial in some ways check out this article I did on insulin not being evil HERE).

I'm fat because I'm poor?!


"Christina Briggs, 26, from Wigan, says she hates being 25 stone but she can't do anything about it because she can only afford junk food. Meanwhile, exercise is out of the question because she doesn't have the funds to join a gym.

The single mother told Closer Magazine: 'It's not easy being overweight and on benefits. If I was well off, I'd be able to buy fresh food and afford a gym membership." (3)

Is that right?



Holy crap...I don't even know where to begin with that one!!! My own example? I haven't trained in a gym for YEARS. YEARS!! All I train with is some dumbbells that weigh a mere 10kg, non-fancy bodyweight exercises, a jump rope, and a keg. Total cost for me all these years? About $100 one time cost.

Her story continues...

"I tried swimming but it cost £22 a month and it meant I had to cut back on my favourite pizza and Chinese takeaways.'

Unemployed Christina gets £20,000 in benefits a year and lives in a council house with her two children by different fathers, Helena, 10, and Robert, two. 

She left school as a teenager after falling pregnant with her daughter following a one night stand.

The family feast everyday on takeaways, chocolate and crisps as Christina says they can't afford low fat foods. As a result, the mother is currently a dress size 26." (3).

Low fat foods?! Okay, for starters having a low fat diet to lose fat is obviously a myth and is hazardous (you can check out why red meat doesn't give you cancer HERE, and you can check out what happens when you go on a low fat diet versus a high fat diet HERE).

Secondly...Low fat high carbohydrate foods are probably some of the CHEAPEST foods out there! Don't believe me? Beans, rice, bread, pasta for instance is so much more cheaper than a nice juicy steak and even organ meat! Fruits will be cheaper too!

It gets better!

"She feels her only hope is for the government to give her more money so she can afford to buy fruit and vegetables and join a gym.

She also believes she should be paid to lose weight as that would give her the motivation to fight the flab.

She told the magazine: 'I need more benefits to eat healthily and exercise. It would be good if the government offered a cash incentive for me to lose weight. I'd like to get £1 for every pound I lose, or healthy food vouchers." (3)

And her thoughts on taxpayers like you and I?

"She explained: 'There's no way I could get a job. I don't feel bad about the taxpayer funding my life and my child's medical problems, because I don't treat myself or buy anything excessive. I just get enough money to live on - the taxpayers should help fund my diet." (3).


So you're telling me, when I could actually use that money to invest in to help people that AREN'T excuse makers, or take that nice trip with a hot Latina, that I should be paying YOU, an excuse maker, to not eat junk food, and get out there and train for the sake of your own health and kids (which should be incentive enough)?! Go suck a lemon. A hairy lemon!

Heck, you know, the other people that are in your predicament that are STILL working and are doing something about their own fat loss without a gym are probably even spending their money on you too! What kind of world do I even live in now?! How is this even on the news anyhow?!

So exactly how much money are we looking at spending for people to remain fat?

This is straight from Britain's statistics in 2012:

"The statistics, issued by the Department for Work and Pensions, show that a total of 7,080 people claimed £29.3million in the year up until April 2012.

Obesity costs the taxpayer more than £5billion a year, with many overweight people relying on benefits entirely. They also need expensive healthcare, equipment and carers."

Paul Mason, 51, who once held the title of world’s fattest man, is said to have cost taxpayers more than £1million in benefits.

At his peak weight, Mr Mason, of Ipswich, needed two full-time carers, specialist medical equipment and housing estimated to cost £100,000 a year." (4).


This is Paul Mason, the former world's fattest man. No, that's not testicles but another sack of flab. He's also married to an 8st girl that was on T.V. Apparently.

Free housing and two people who are pretty much slaves that are on every beck and call to someone who demands food and fetch a glass of water or turn on a T.V.? Frigging heck! That's more than people who go broke and become homeless on the street! Those people get practically nothing compared to an obese person like this eating all day! A house can set someone back a good 350,000, and yet this guy gets one for free?! What's the logic in that?!

What's the obesity costing America?

If you thought the above about Britain was shocking, wait till you see these statistics with America:

  • "More than one-third (34.9% or 78.6 million) of U.S. adults are obese" (5)
  • "The estimated annual medical cost of obesity in the U.S. was $147 billion in 2008 U.S. dollars; the medical costs for people who are obese were $1,429 higher than those of normal weight"(5)
  • "Thirty-five percent of Americans are classified having a normal weight so far in 2014, while 35.3% of adults are considered "overweight." Meanwhile, underweight Americans make up a very small 2.1% of the adult population." (6)

So as if 2014, the year this post is published, .4% more of the American population is Obese. Un-bloody-believable! You might think .4% is a minuscule number, but look at the cost of what that can have to you, and how many people .4 is! That's enormous!

Now on to where I'm from, Australia. Australia is looking like it's rivaling America with the statistics of obesity.

Australia's is just as bad, if not worse than America

Now before we continue to give you a grasp how bad it is in Australia too, the population of Australia is 23,611,600 as of now in 2014 (7).

It's been noted that "Fourteen million Australians are overweight or obese."! That's over 50% of people being obese here in Australia! (8).

Here's some other shocking statistics:

  • "If weight gain continues at current levels, by 2025, close to 80% of all Australian adults and a third of all children will be overweight or obese" (8)
  • "Obesity has overtaken smoking as the leading cause of premature death and illness in Australia." (8)
  • "Obesity costs Australia more than $56 billion per year...Projected health care costs has revealed that by the year 2018, obesity-related medical expenses will top $344 billion in the US, double the current expenditure level." (9).


 So what the fudge sundae do we do about this?!

Here's the facts above, the world is getting fatter, and the world is getting lazier. It's my job, and my passion to inspire people to be more active and have a zest for life to use their body to do awesome shit. How cool would it be to still lift insanely heavy things, and bang your significant other like an 18 year old at any age, or just plain feel like you could and look like you could?

What exactly can YOU the reader do however? Now of course, I could at this point plug my website for you all to tell everyone to refer them to here but let's be honest, I don't think everyone stranger with zero will power that hears of a site called "pain doesn't hurt" is going to think it's exactly too welcoming to them eh?

So here's your options: Do nothing or take action!

If you're already training hard, and doing something about it, then do nothing more but be consistent. What I mean is, don't fall into any other silly marketing nonsense that promises the next best diet to lose 36 pounds of fat in 10 days or whatever or the next magical program, because there isn't.

If you're the other end where you are making excuses then STOP MAKING THEM and START taking action!

How will this help other people? It's simple. We need to inspire them to do the same. We can educate someone all we like but if they aren't internally motivated then guess what? They won't do it. Will simply inspiring someone through our own actions work?

Of course it won't work for everyone, but this is the best thing we got in a day and age where marketing is huge and especially for the next big weight loss fad, the fitness industry being full of drugs and photo-shopping, and people having impossible expectations with what they all read on the internet. I'm basically saying by being an honest person in what you do, meaning, losing the fat the only way: consistent hard work and not over-eating, if we had more people to keep it truthful they'll be at least the few we can convince and they in turn can help others too by their own actions.

And so that's that. Obesity is a serious thing now days and it's something that's taking a lot of tax payer money to solve. Shocking I know, but we need to do what needs to be done: Get out there and just fudging do it! Get off the damned couch and train! Stop eating junk and nourish the body with the best! A simple formula for simple results!




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  • phyllis

    Reply Reply October 2, 2014

    Thank you for this article. Of course, we have the same problem in the USA. I could have fallen into this category if I wasn’t stubborn and conservative to a fault. 2 1/2 years ago my Mother died and I lost my job at the same time. Going through the adjustment period, I gained a lot of weight. This was because I was eating fast food and “easy” stuff. In March of this year, I began following the Paleo diet. People can complain that they don’t have the money but I say “Baloney”. I’ve done with a less than $1000. a month retirement and what I had managed to save. I eat fresh produce, fruit,much of it organic. I also eat grass fed meat. And pay my bills. I’m not bragging about this, but I do want people to know that it can be done. Not wanting to take from the taxpayers, I didn’t apply for government assistance – my conservative side kicked in. But I don’t buy new clothes and shoes every week. Anything a person does, there is a give and take. It can be done, even on a small budget. Incidentally, I’ve lost 60 pounds since March 2014. Still need to lose more, but I’m getting there. No excuses, just positive action. Thank you for letting me tell my story. I hope it will help someone else who needs to lose weight.

    • CepsWeston

      Reply Reply October 2, 2014

      Hey it’s my pleasure, partner! You’ve done an amazing job and you’ve earned my utmost respect taking control! You won’t believe how many people online that have still made excuses and complained about the state they were in because they rather chose to buy the latest iPhone or buy the latest gadget etc (and I’m being serious here too!) You keep kicking ass! If you need any help with your weight loss I’ll be happy to help in any way!

      And thank YOU for sharing your story! I’m sure someone reading this will appreciate it big time!

      and PS: I’m sorry for your loss, my sincere condolences

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