Flex your mental muscles: Books I recommend part 1

Flexing your muscles in front of girls, in front of the mirror, in front of unsuspecting public people, or doing the most muscular to babies and kids in the playground as you’re passing by to strike fear in the hearts of them and their parents sure is fun, and yes, highly important, but however, exercising your mental muscles is just as important.


Thus, I will present to you all books I recommend from time to time, starting with something about training, something about philosophical mindset stuff, something useful and finally nutrition.

Training: Science and Practice of Strength Training, Second Edition

A kickass book on weight lifting and getting strong enough to lift bulls and carry them all live long day check this out HERE

 This book is FULL of good information and will no doubt influence how you train. Heck, this book has influenced a lot of great minds in the game of weight lifting and strength.

Whether you’re a bodybuilder, athlete, powerlifter, fighter, forget about reading magazines and stupid internet articles, this book is full of great scientific reasoning as to how and why you should train for your specific sport.

It’s got a LOT of great gems such as one eye opener I’ve found with gaining muscular endurance and strength. It states that if one is stronger than the other (1RM strength), if those two are pitted together in a “how many reps till you bust a gut” competition, with 25% or less of their 1RM, the person with the higher 1RM is going to out-do that other person with ease. However, someone who trains specifically for strength endurance is going to utterly annihilate the person if weights are 50-80% of 1RM.

Using information like that will give you great insight if you, or people you train are in need of more endurance along with strength, great example is people like gymnasts. If one cannot hold an iron cross for more than 3 seconds, it’s best to increase strength more. However if one can do an iron cross 4 times consecutively for a decent time but cannot hold a 5th, then this book will tell you how to help achieve things like that.

There’s a lot more gems such as why volume is king, training specifically for strength, recovery, frequency etc. Even a section on bodybuilding. All good stuff!

Check this out on amazon by clicking HERE.

Mindset: The 48 Laws of Power

Depending on your perspective the title of this book may or may not suck, what’s in it however is brutal, ruthless, and fucking great for disposing of your enemies, and giving you that emperor mindset to obliterate all who stand in your way. Let me explain;

Many people turn to the bible and live by it for their pursuit of happiness, but no matter what business you’re in or what endeavor, it’s a war out there, and people are out for blood, you either kill or be killed.

Businesses want to crush yours, you’re forever going to have to deal with that fact. They’ll use tactics to try one up your product or services, steal deals etc. Same as your competition on the field, gym, or any other sport. Your enemies want your blood to get on top, and you need the edge; the mental edge.

This book has many things to teach you how to conquer your enemies and lay corpses in your wake, or at the very least, not make you one of those many fallen, and be a mere stepping stone for someone else to reach a place they want to.

There’s great lessons in this book such as “Law 3: Conceal your intentions” and “Law 9: Win through actions never through argument” to “Law 15: Crush your enemy totally”. 

Fuck yeah! Kill or be killed in this game! Get it, read it, start killing, pimps and pimppetes. Click HERE to get it now!

Something Useful: Made to Stick: Why Some Ideas Survive and Others Die


This book is one I wholly recommend to people who have to do marketing, but I believe it extends beyond that. This book can easily be applied to any idea or point you need to put across. This can be to your boss, to your significant other, friend etc.

This book can also make you sniff out the bullshit process that is marketing too.

No doubt you’ve seen all the sales pitches, all the sales copy, the promises, etc. Well, this very book will give you an insight into what goes into making a great sales copy that has drawn you in to purchase a product (and chances are, a product that ended up crap). Either way, you have an idea, this book is going to enable to leave an impression in whoever it is, you’re trying to lure in.

Not only that, it can be read almost like a story since there’s a lot of interesting stories illustrating the points made. I’ve got very small attention span now days for something boring, with fancy words, etc, but trust me when I tell you, this was an entertaining read as it was helpful, which was very. Go check it out HERE.

Nutrition: Catching Fire: How Cooking Made Us Human


If you want to beat-brow more vegans with knowledge that their diets plain suck, or you just plain like to learn more about the history of nutrition and how it made us become how we are today, without of course, the jargon, then this is a book not to be missed.

“One of the most ambitious arguments about human evolution since Darwin’s Descent of Man, renowned primatologist Richard Wrangham makes the claim that learning to cook food was the hinge on which human evolution turned. Eating cooked food, he argues, enabled us to evolve our large brains, and cooking itself became a primary focus of human social activity―in short, cooking made us the social, intelligent, and sexual species we are today”

I’ll have to say, I’m certainly with Richard Wrangham in his argument here, and you will too. It’s written by a man who is an expert in his field, so you know he has the credibility to start with. It’s a very interesting and educational read.

Go grab yourself a copy on amazon and go impress the next geeky girl with big boobs and glasses or have a full proof argument at the next person who says only raw food should be eaten (and no meat at that) by clicking HERE.

And there we have it! Lift some weights, eat some steaks, gain some knowledge, apply that knowledge. Be awesome.

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