Hardcore Bodyweight Conditioning 1: Burpees and bearcrawls

Here’s the deal:

  • Mark 5 Meters (at a minimum)
  • Set the timer for 10 minutes (at a minimum)
  • Burpees can be done with or without a pushup
  • Burpees are forward jumps instead of jumping straight up
  • Do Burpee forward jumps the first 5 meters
  • Do Bear crawls back the 5 meters
  • Instead of standing up when you get back to the beginning, crawl around the marker, and go straight to a pushup
  • No breaks unless gassed out
  • Do as many laps as you can in the time frame you set (One lap is after you come back with the bear crawls)

What this will improve:

  • Melt the fat right off in minimal time
  • Build total body endurance (namely the legs and arms)
  • Build anaerobic conditioning
  • Improve your badassedry level by 1

For real deal bodyweight conditioning try this out! Get to it!

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