You’ve got mail…HATE mail! #1: Vegetarians and fat people stealing my vacation


It's bound to happen, but here it is! The first of many blog posts I get on hate mails! Not all of them will make it to the blog posts for reasons such as

1: They're wayyyyy too long to read that I never even bothered to read them, and in case you think I'm just being lazy, who the fruit has time to read 20+ paragraphs from someone that hates you over the internet? An exaggeration you say? You'd be surprised...



2: It's just a few words summarising F you for no apparent reason. Thanks for taking the time out of the day to tell me that. I know you'd love to do nasty dirty things to me but seeing as you might be a guy living with your parents and I'm straight, or a girl that might look like a pirate captain with two lazy eyes, two crooked teeth with the rest missing, and wearing a super hero outfit, I'd say no thanks, and before you ask why? Well...It's because you're a pirate, superman costume wearing girl with no hair, demented eyes and 2 crooked teeth with the rest missing...AKA, you ugly! You damn ugly!


You've also failed to have a nice personality by telling me all the curse words over the internet. If this is you, you've failed your parents, your schooling, teachers, and life. I think the F-ing has been done! You've done it to yourself.

3: I just plain can't understand a god damned word! If it's in another language, then sure, there's many internet translators out there to help me out, but if it's something that's entirely out of this planet then I'm obviously not going to understand! I can deal with spelling mistakes, sometimes even grammar. If I can understand it then that's fine, I get what you're trying to say, but if it's something like: ask.dflkajfhbgalkdfhj, then I can only deduce you're emailing me to tell me you just masturbated over me today and reached your peak climax, that I rule, and am the best of the best, which, alright, gracias for the compliment! Apparently my smile has an orgasmic response? The more you know!


Probably why the messages are a language from another planet....Because, I take girls to another planet...ha!

Now, with that criteria set, it leaves us for the rest...Ones that refer to posts I've made, that I can read, aren't so frigging long that it'll take me a good hour to read, and ones that are straight to the point. Let the hate mail commence!

Meat eaters suck, and are insecure...what's a vegetarian again?

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Comment: Vegetarians state that they are Vegetarians at the dinner table because they would like some
extra care taken when their meal is prepped.

I've had countless times where meat was thrown into something I ordered and I've had to take it
back. It's not because of your insecure reason that we are trying to say we are better than you.
(Which we are BTW)

Also, yeah we do live longer. It's a fact. The end.

Ceps' Reply:

Thanks for that little story there!!


Seeing as you wanted to comment on this post I made about the myths on vegetarians living longer which is this one HERE, I'm going to first ask, have you even seen any of the studies I citied? Read it again, and come back next time with some of your own before you say they do!

...But just in case you're too lazy to read through it all, saw the title and just decided to send an email telling me vegetarians are the best, well, one the famous studies that 7th day adventists love to talk about to "prove" that vegetarians are the longest living people, it was shown that "non-vegetarians actually HAD THE LEAST mortality! And this is despite their smoking and drinking more! If anything, this study has shown that meat IS probably life-saving!"


Don't know what you usually eat but I eat nails for breakfast...without any milk. That's how tough I am.

Want to know which people live the longest and have the best quality of life? Putting genetics aside, and environment, from a dietary stand point, it's people that TRY THEIR BEST to be healthy, and do NOT exclude food groups! Exclude a food group, and you'll be deficient! People that eat the freshest possible and avoid the processed garbage out there. It's people that are always active, ones that train, and most important of all the ones that tend not to stress so much. There might be more factors but those are the main ones to influence the quality and quantity.

Also, your definition of a vegetarian is: "Vegetarians at the dinner table because they would like some
extra care taken when their meal is prepped" Well sorry to say, plant head, but your definition of vegetarians is wrong. A vegetarian isn't just a vegetarian at the dinner table, they're vegetarian every waking day and night. It's a lifestyle thing. Google put it best, what a vegetarian is: "a person who does not eat meat or fish, and sometimes other animal products, especially for moral, religious, or health reasons."

And before you say to me "vegetarians are allowed fish, and some dairy" you're not a real vegetarian. That's still meat. Who are you kidding?

" It's not because of your insecure reason that we are trying to say we are better than you.
(Which we are BTW) "

Jasus......You've got to be kidding me. I'm insecure that you're a vegetarian? hahahahaha! Do you even know the meaning of insecure? Let's put it in other words...Apparently I'm anxious about myself, have low self-esteem and have no confidence at all....How in the world did you deduce that one from a topic of me making an argument about the claim vegetarians living longer? Friend, can I call you that? Because it sure seems like you need one, if I'm willingly putting my face on the internet for everyone to see, as well as my business, and also to keep in mind some pictures of me without a shirt on then I'm definitely not anxious or lacking confidence in myself. Heck, just the fact I'm out there doing business says a lot, that I have to rely on myself and to rely on myself means I've got at least some self-esteem don't I? If you think for one second I'm insecure then you're, lack for a better term, an idiot.


meanwhile on facebook....

Also you just realised you contradicted yourself right? By saying that "we" and we, referring to you, and you being the self-proclaimed spokesperson of EVERY vegetarian saying they're not trying to tell me they're better than me and all the other meat eaters out there, but then saying that "which you are BTW", makes you a bigger anushole than me! Congratulations, dumbass, way to go to represent every other vegetarian in proving you're all humble and not overly zealous extremists. I even said, not all of you are, just most of you.


And your email ""? Nice choice there. Except, no girl could even suck what isn't there seeing as you've got none. You're a vegetarian, and after all, don't you all condemned people, men and girls to not eat meat? Or are you going to be the contradictory little piece of asparagus you are, and ignore that one?

Also, you don't live longer. The end.

It's NOT our FAULT we're fat and stealing your VACATION!



Date: Thursday 21:19

Who the fuck do you think you are saying that obes peeps are @ fault for your lak of travelling expenses? Are you that fucking poor? I'm fat myself and I dont consider it to be ma fault for my weight. You habve a very unrealistic expectation of how a women is! I see what girls you into! curves is where it's at, not some skinny aneorxic bitch. Your loss.


Ceps' reply:

Who am I to say obese people are at fault for my lack of travelling expenses? I never said I had a LACK of travel expenses! Read the article again HERE and you'll find I said that morbidly obese people are wasting tax payer money on the health care system. I'm a tax payer myself, and all that money that I'm having to spend in tax is going to obese people that I could've saved up for a vacation or, even better, that money could've been used for the betterment of civilisation. So get that straight, cheeseburger (you probably had at least 5 of those today).

I'm going to pull some figures from the article I wrote on fat people are taking your money (and you can check the sources of the figures in that article):

1. In America alone in 2008 the cost $147 BILLION dollars in obesity care!

2. Seeing as I'm from Australia, by 2018, the estimated costs for obesity care here is $344 BILLION!

3. 14 million Australians are considered overweight and that's over 50% of the entire population!


So as you can see just from those stats alone, I'm safe to say that over an accumulation of years, and maybe not even that, my tax payer money being paid for those things could easily cost me a trip to where ever I want. Not even a trip if I chose but buying things that I NEED.


What would I do with my money if I didn't have to spend it on obese tax pay? I'd be flying to Poland right now, and spending the night in the hotel with this one here...But you Melissa, just have to cockblock me at every turn don't you?!

If you don't consider it your fault that you are right now the way you are, body wise, who the sausage nigel do you blame? Society? Me? Your parents? The weather? Let me tell you something you probably don't want to hear.

You CAN'T Control the weather (unless you have a weather control device) and you can't control every human on the planet's thinking and actions. You can't control the meteors in space, and you can't control me for being the anushole I am. But guess what you can control? You CAN control what goes in your mouth, what you do with your body and the decisions you make. If you want to be a weak, pathetic sloth then so be it. I rather be strong and fit in my own right, live everyday with gusto, kick ass, take names, and I rather eat the BEST to NOURISH me rather than live to eat and feel like crap. I would rather people see the reflection of my hard work rather than my sloth any day of the week. You've made your decision, and blame everyone but yourself for it. So be it.

I have an unrealistic expectation of women you say? I never said what I "expected" from women. I'm guessing you're reffering to the pictures of ladies I post up on my blog, if that's the case, I'm just posting the pictures of women I think are attractive. We all have our preference don't we? I don't think I once ever said anything of an unrealistic expectations like that the real life Russian barbie was my ideal woman anyway nor have I posted it!


...until now

Fact is, taking from what the last person wrote to me said, I can't help but feel that maybe you're a bit insecure. Women with curves are where it's at? I'll agree with that to a point, knowing our view on curves are two different things. Here's my view on curves:


Now that's curves.

Now here's your view on curves


My loss huh? It's something I'm glad is my loss.

If the first picture is what anorexic is to you, then you and I also have two different opinions on what anorexic is. Maybe you just need to get off your butt cheeks and stop eating so much garbage because if you continue doing so you're going to look like garbage, more than what you probably already are anyway.

Whew. I think that's it for hate mail today don't you think? I feel fatter for being in front of the computer typing this out, I think it's time to go pick a keg from the ground and over my head. Till next hate mail! Adios!

PDH Fitness


PS: For everyone else that wants to send me mail please note by doing so allowing me to use your emails for whatever purpose I like, and I own the rights, forever, forever being until the end of time and beyond. You also agree that you'll called out as an idiot or awesome depending on what your write to me.

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