Jump rope: One of the finest tools to lose fat


The jump rope is one of the finest pieces of training equipment there is. It has been used by boxers, MMA fighters, martial artists, for years. It is more than just your playground, and child’s toy. It is one of the finest tools there is to lose fat at warp speed.


  • Improves agility and explosiveness – The jump rope improves all athletic qualities you can imagine. The jump rope has movements that require you to be explosive (it has ballistic movements) such as double unders and other various jumps.
  • Improves hand-eye co-ordination – You don’t just put your brain on a hook and forget about it, you’ll have to be focused at all times when using the jump rope. When you learn a new move, switching from move to move, or mixing up the moves with callisthenics, you’ll be improving your co-ordination.
  • Burns more calories / burns more fat than traditional jogging – Jumping rope burns more fat than the jogging everyone you see does. You aren’t just using your legs. You’re using your shoulders, your wrists and forearms, your core, etc. More muscles used = more fat lost. You can even get creative and do interval training with jump roping for a even better effect
  • Improves your cardiovascular fitness – Next to sprinting, this jump rope is one of the finest tools there is for improving your lungs and heart. Whether you are wanting to run a marathon, train in martial arts, MMA, Boxing, train to be in the police, military, or just lose fat at a faster rate, the jump rope will serve your needs from the least serious to the most serious.
  • The price and the versatility –  It takes no room, and it costs only $5 or less. You can take it anywhere with you and it’s easily fit into your luggage if you were to go on vacation. It can’t be beat.
Maritime Operations

If it’s good enough for military services such as the navy, and can be taken around anywhere in the world without hassle, it’s good enough



My best advice is to stick with it and get the technique right first though. You won’t get a big cardiovascular benefit in the beginning due to you fumbling a bit but it’s easy to pick up. Also train on soft surfaces if possible. Don’t get one of those weighted jump ropes, rather, get a speed rope and get a rope that is perfect for your height or adjust it to your height. To see if it is right for you, put one foot on the centre of the rope, grab both handles and if the handles are up to your arm pits great, if it’s beyond that, it might be too long for you.

To adjust just tie a knot. You can cut it if you want but I don’t want you to make a mistake and waste the money you spend. Some of the jump ropes like this one is quite easy to adjust without cutting or doing knots.

The reason I say to get a speed rope is because it will help you with your jumping in the beginning rather than being weighted down with the weights on the weighted ropes. Not only that, but speed ropes are usually priced cheap (under $10) and will enable you to do tricks easier as well as turn the rope faster, making you work at a faster pace. So remember, getting a speed rope is important especially at the beginning, and if you wanted to get a weighted rope you can simply just get wrist weights to get the same effect as a weighted jump rope (but also still be able to turn the rope faster!)

Start with trying to only use your wrists to turn the jump rope, and “hopping” with the balls of your foot (which is jumping but none of those massive leaps with your knees back whilst in the air. If you do this, you’ll have wear and tear with your knees).

Here’s some milestones for you to achieve so you can move on to getting it fancy with intervals and mixing it up with exercises:
1. Do 100 skips non stop without a break (this will tell you that you at least got the technique down)
2. Do 500 skips non stop (this will tell you that you got the technique and the required endurance to mix it up a little bit)

When you can do those two mile stones you can start trying to jump rope with one foot at a time and doing basic moves like running on the spot and if you want, criss cross. When that becomes easy you simply jump rope faster, and if that becomes easy too, you can do different moves and mix it up with bodyweight callisthenics

If anyone’s interested in a killer jump rope workout try this one:
100 skips as fast as possible
10 burpees (with push up and jump)
Repeat for 10 minutes


All the greatest boxers use the jump rope on a daily basis. Their bodies is what put foods on the table and is their livelihood. If they don’t best the other man in what they do, it means they don’t eat. If their pay checks were based on their body and the jump rope is part of their every-day routine and to all the greatest fighters, as well as all the other professional athletes, right down to the greatest tennis players, then isn’t that testimonial enough for you to decide whether the jump rope is a great tool for getting in the best shape of your life?

Jumping rope is tradition in the line of the fittest athletes and people on the planet, and it may be painful since the jump rope will require you to work hard, but just remember, PAIN DOESNT HURT.


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