OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAMinimalism living. Minimalism is the art of living with only what you need and not with what you want. To get rid of your clutter is to get rid of your burdens. A minimalistic life means a simple life.

The benefits of living in the minimalism are the following:

  • Less bills – Think about it. If you got rid of your TV as an example, how much power would you save just by not having that hooked into the power socket 24 hours 7 days a week? What about all the other electrical appliances you have just for the sake of having? How much more would you save without them?
  • Less debt – When you have less bills to pay you can now focus more on what you need to pay instead of thinking of how are you going to get money to pay for it. An example is if you had two cars when you only needed one. Two cars means twice the cost to maintain. What a staggering figure that would be over-time. Less maintenance on things means less bills and that means less debt. The cost of maintaining anything can equal more debt.
  • More money – From having less things to maintain, having less bills, and having less debt this means you will be able to save money instead of spend it.
  • More time – When you have to spend an entire day to clean, dust or fix something you are eating up your time to do more productive things like start a business, go train, or even relax when you deserve it.
  • Less stress – There are many benefits of minimalism and many benefits of living a minimalistic way but if there had to be one that stands above the rest it would be less stress. Less things to organise, clean, spend money as well as your time on, and hence, worry about. This in turn means minimalism will make you healthier.
  • Makes you strong – Everyone today lives a “cushy” life. Most people can’t even sleep on the ground when camping due to having an extremely large bed they don’t need and what’s ironic is, sleeping on a flat surface (the ground) can improve your posture. Driving your luxury car down the road to do groceries when instead you can just walk down the road and carry the groceries back is another example. The guy who carries those groceries all the way home will have a good low impact cardiovascular workout, and depending how heavy the groceries are (if you are like me, you’d buy in bulk and spend kilos on meat and fresh produce), you’d have a kick-ass workout for your grip and whole body.
  • Less stuff to move – Ever moved house or apartment? How long has it been? Imagine if you were to move to another place that’s much smaller than the place you are living at right now. The reason you’d live at that smaller place was because of work purposes, the area, or the price for rent if you do rent as examples. How much hard work would it be to shift every single thing you have to that place? Especially if that place was miles away? How much stuff would you have to put in storage, give away, or throw out on the road? Isn’t it a waste? Why would you need it in the first place

Throw away all that junk!


Follow these few steps on becoming minimalist at your own pace, one by one, and you will see for yourself just how simple and easy life can be


Buying is the act of accumulating. You are supposed to eliminate not accumulate! As a rule of thumb, if you don’t need it, don’t buy it. “One does not accumulate but eliminate. It is not daily increase but daily decrease. The height of cultivation always run to simplicity.” – Bruce Lee

STEP 2. Get RID of the things you don’t need and find a way to lessen

Go around your house right now. Throw away everything you don’t need and keep what you do. Not what you want. If you have some emotional attachment for something such as photos, then instead of keeping a whole photo album, why not convert it digital into a USB or a hard drive? Everything is digital now days. It might just also be safer and effective. If you were that emotionally stuck with photos you can even make a slide show in your free time on your computer. All those albums sitting on a cabinet. Just think how much space that is accumulating and how expensive it was to even purchase all of that.

STEP 3. Get RID of the bed

Might deter a lot of people from this but I’m not necessarily saying to sleep on the floor. I am saying however there are plenty of options that are less occupying and are cheaper, plus easier to handle and maintain. A futon is one viable option. Think how easy that is to fix up every morning and think how easy it is to take with you. How about price compared to a bed? A bed can cost easily over $500 while a futon mattress can cost up to $110. Not to mention the cost for the shipping! Not convinced? A futon can improve your posture due to it being on a flat surface which means it will keep your spine neutral. You’ll adjust sleeping on a flat surface within a few short nights guaranteed.


Keeping it simple IS minimalism. If something is too complicated you simply eliminate what is complicated to make it simple. This can work with anything. You go train for instance. There’s heaps of options with exercises to do in a workout, why not just choose one or two exercises and do them to the best of your ability for that workout?

How about business? You have a huge client list to maintain relations with and directly sell to. Cutting out the people from the list that don’t hardly give you profit and mainly waste your time and sticking to the clients that are loyal and continuously give you the profit are the ones you focus on.

Your thought process, your friends, you can all simplify everything by way of elimination, by the art of minimalism.


Eliminating what is useless and keeping what is useful sums up what minimalism is all about. “I fear not the man who has practices 10,000 kicks once, but I fear the man who had practised one kick 10,000 times.” – Bruce Lee. Eliminating what has made you comfortable over the years, the things you hoard, and embracing minimalism might be painful to do emotionally, but just remember, PAIN DOESNT HURT.

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