Art of Aggression #5: Herschel Walker

Herschel Walker is probably one of the most dedicated, batshit-insane, competitive badasses in our day and age. You all know I wouldn’t dedicate a blog post of art of aggression to someone that didn’t deserve it, so let’s look at this half man, half awesome credentials according to the good ol wikipedia.org: Perhaps the GREATEST…

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Broccoli vs. Beef

Broccoli DOES NOT have MORE PROTEIN than beef

The title says it all. Broccoli does NOT have more protein than beef. There has been a picture floating around that’s for some reason popular lately, that has made all vegans, rock a vegan boner (or lack-there-of) that they just can’t wait and self to tout their superiority of their “plant based diet”. So what…

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Art of Aggression #4: No guts no glory part 1

Art of aggression: no guts no glory #1 At times I treat training like I’m going to war. War is scary. It’s unforgiving. My only aim is to survive it at any means possible. A challenge like that makes you know more about yourself. Would you rather quit, or do you dig deep and keep…

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I never wanted to be a “Dad” anyway…

WARNING: This is an offensive rant. If you’re easily offended then go watch spongebob, because you’ve obviously took a wrong turn and you’re in the wrong hood… Let’s begin. Being a Dad sucks. I’m not talking about being a Dad to a kid either, I’m meaning possessing the required “Dad bod” and pulling some females,…

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The art of Aggression #3: An aggressive strength will never fail nor cage you

When you wake up in the morning, with eyes first opened, regardless if your sleep was peaceful or not, what do you think about? Do you wake up with gusto, or do you wake up dreading the day to come? Do you fight the day and bend it to your will, or do you let…

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Introducing you to the most insane, psychotic, and AGGRESSIVE wrestler there ever was, and perhaps ever will be. His entrances into the ring of giants were the most intense and they strike fear to the hearts of his opponents, his matches were straight to the point, violent, and you had to staple your eyelids because you…

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You’ve got mail…HATE mail! #1: Vegetarians and fat people stealing my vacation

It’s bound to happen, but here it is! The first of many blog posts I get on hate mails! Not all of them will make it to the blog posts for reasons such as 1: They’re wayyyyy too long to read that I never even bothered to read them, and in case you think I’m…

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Vegetarian Myths #2: Vegans have better sex

Vegetarian Myths: Vegans have better sex You might think this is a ridiculous topic, and you know what? You’re right! To even think that practically over 90% of vegans spout that 100% of them have better sex than the evil meat eaters, is the most ludicrous statement in the history of man kind. For those…

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Low Carb Recipe #4: Mediterranean Meatballs

Mediterranean Meatballs Meatballs are good for every occasion. Dinner parties, family gatherings, bulking up for the gym, or just plain cheering up that person who went through a break-up or divorce…and you know, you’re trying to take advantage of the rebound, and you know the way to their….heart…is showing them the simple pleasures that is…

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Vegetarian myths #1: Vegetarians live longer

Vegetarian myths #1: Vegetarians live longer One thing I noticed is that most vegans are anusholes. Bold claim, yes, but I did say most, not all. When you go to a resturant they almost always have to let the waiter and everyone else know that they’re vegetarian and are somehow better and superior than everyone…

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