5 BIGGEST lies on recreational jogging and steady state cardio

5 BIGGEST LIES ON STEADY STATE CARDIO   Look at the picture above. I’m sure you fitness buffs and bunnies have seen this picture before or something similar haven’t you? Wouldn’t you be convinced just from this that sprinting is much better at fat loss than regular jogging and all types of steady state cardio…

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Red meat Causes Cancer? And other red meat myths!

Red meat cancer myth? Red meat has apparently been shown to give you the following: Cause breast cancer (1) Cause bowel cancer (2) Heart diseases by the L-Carnitine found in red meat (3) Heart diseases…because saturated fat, duh, because saturated fat is the bad fat and red meat is loaded with it (4) IT CAN…

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Insulin myths: Insulin and carbohydrates fat loss myth and a lesson on Insulin and glucagon

INSULIN MYTHS DOES INSULIN MAKE YOU FAT AND DOES GLUCAGON BURN FAT? Oh insulin, where art thou? Insulin is deemed as that awkward moment where you do something you think is heroic and want that moment to shine every chance you get but turns out it was bad all along and you just want to…

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Low carbohydrate recipes #1: Prosciutto Chicken

Low carbohydrate recipes #1: Prosciutto Chicken  Got a date with a hot Italian fitness bunny? Is the only way she’ll date you if you have your very own low carbohydrate recipes? Then this is something that will wow them along with your “apparently well read literary knowledge of their back round”. This dish has Italian…

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Enter the spider chicken! The hazards of genetically modified foods!

The hazards of genetically modified foods (GMO foods) Before I talk about the hazards of GMO and why you should strive for going the natural food route I want to ask you a serious question. What do you get when you have a spider at a fraternity party, that has a little fun with the…

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The alkaline diet myth and a lesson on blood PH levels

Is the alkaline diet a myth? (Republished on StrengthMuscleSteel.com/alkaline-diet-myth) Ah yes, the alkaline and acidic theory…no doubt all the health-conscious among us have heard about this diet one time or another right? Probably most likely perpetuated by vegetarians. For those that haven’t, before you go looking on the internet for what the theory is, there…

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Eating big meals at night will NOT turn you into a walrus

Eating big meals at night? We’ve heard it all before: Eat like a king for breakfast, like a hungry girlfriend for lunch, and dinner like you were a hobo. I’m going to get straight to the point on eating big meals at night…you should have your biggest meal at night, after the days work, and…

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Skepticism: always be a skeptic! Things AREN’T what they seem!

Now before I actually get onto this little lesson of skepticism today, I want to start off by saying that no this post is NOT going to be about or include conspiracy theories about such things as 911, the government, or amazon Babylonian women breeding with tigers to help develop our super soldiers…and no aliens…

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Low carbohydrate desserts #1: Lemon Poppy seed muffins

Pain doesnt hurt presents: Lemon poppy seed muffins low carbohydrate desserts style. Imagine having these treats after a meal while still being in ketosis? Good enough to have a girl over at yours and for the girls, good enough to get a man to win your heart…If you mix whip cream with it. Anyway, let’s…

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Get AGGRESSIVE! Just get in there and fudging do it!

AGGRESSIVE according to google is “ready or likely to attack or confront” and “behaving or done in a determined and forceful way“. Why should the meaning of that word matter to you, and why exactly am I even being bothered to talk about this today? The reason why I’m writing about this is to instil…

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