STOP DRINKING PROTEIN SHAKES! It is stealing your money and they’re killing you!


The good ol’ protein shakes. No bodybuilder or hardcore gym rat is without their shaker bottle every time they step foot in the gym, just like no Viking is without their Ale, or no RPG game is without their mana potions. For years we have all believed that protein shakes are a MUST to build muscle and for even health! I’ve even heard a few say that the gym training you do is absolutely nothing if you don’t take your post workout shake! The truth when it comes to protein shakes is that you DON’T need your protein shakes and it IS potentially harmful to you and it IS a WASTE of money! Let’s look deep down at the science of what it really is, because after all, that is what they sell us right? Science to say it is necessary.

First things first! Let me get out of the way pre-post workout nutrition I.E. Eating something before you train and having something after. I have no issues with it. My issue is protein shakes.

The fact is that post workout nutrition is still beneficial. Getting a good carbohydrate and protein meal after a workout will help.

The reason why it’ll help you if you combine protein and carbohydrates is because it will help with you muscle protein synthesis (MPS). “…(10 g) of whey protein with carbohydrate (21 g) can stimulate a rise in MPS after resistance exercise in trained young men that would be supportive of a positive net protein balance, which, over time, would lead to hypertrophy” (1).

How beneficial is it to your results, gainz, hugeness, swoleness or whatever you want to call it?


Swole for Competitionby planetbelly

Apparently, these days, swole means moving on stage like a pregnant yak.

“In a single-blind, randomized protocol, resistance-trained males were matched for strength and placed into one of two groups; the PRE-POST group consumed a supplement (1 g x kg(-1) body weight) containing protein/creatine/glucose immediately before and after RE. The MOR-EVE group consumed the same dose of the same supplement in the morning and late evening…PRE-POST demonstrated a greater increase in lean body mass and 1RM strength in two of three assessments. The changes in body composition were supported by a greater increase in CSA (cross sectional area) of the type II fibers and contractile protein content.” (2).

As you can see, having a good post workout meal helps, (and yes I am aware that the 2nd reference does use supplements as it’s testing, but stay with me here, this only shows the effects of making sure you eat after you train.) In fact, not only will having the carbohydrate portion of your meal after a workout will help you with protein synthesis but it can help with your immune system to fight off the damage you put your body through after training (3) and it can help your body speed up the recovery process (4).

Let me say right now though your “ANABOLIC WINDOW” is pretty much bull crap. A study that researched post workout feeding has this to say: “Our results suggest that resistance exercise performed until failure confers a sensitizing effect on human skeletal muscle for at least 24 h that is specific to the myofibrillar protein fraction.” (10)


Pissed off because he missed the anabolic window and he got his penis caught in it. The anabolic window being his zipper.

Yes that’s right! 24 hours! Your “anabolic window” isn’t a window! It’s a damned theme park! After you train your muscles will be primed to intake nutrients provided you work hard. Is it worth it to haver a fast acting protein shake after a workout though? Let’s find out!


Here’s my gripe with the whole protein shakes. First of all, DOES ANYONE READING HERE ACTUALLY FUDGING READ THE INGREDIENTS IN THOSE THINGS? You’d be VERY surprised what other crap they put in supplements. It’s not uncommon to see a MASS gainer more expensive than a regular whey protein concentrate bucket and yet that mass gainer will have more ingredients (which means more fillers for cheaper options) like soy (and for the people here that don’t know why soy is bad check out that article HERE), and a host of other bad ingredients which I will touch on in the future posts.

WAIT! Hang on! But it’s proven by the FDA (food and drugs administration) that it’s a pharmaceutical grade, meaning it’s safe! What’s the deal there?!

You can’t trust just a name. You have to do your own research. Here’s the fact: The FDA regulations does not require protein shakes to go any form of safety testing. Don’t believe me? Look at all the other crap that’s in foods you see at your nearest supermarkets. Or even what you can purchase over the counter. Want to know what’s the most shocking thing when it comes to protein shakes?

I’ve read this in 2010 in a review consumer report, (and keep in mind the time of this article is 2014 so things can definitely be worse) that it found that all of the protein shakes tested had at least one sample containing aresenic lead, cadmium and mercury. YOU’RE EATING (scratch that, DRINKING!) METAL AND POISON! (5) 

The report shows that the popular Myoplex product by EAS found 16.9 micrograms of arsenic and Muscle Milk contained lead, arsenic and cadmium! 13.5 lead 12.2 mg of arsenic 5.5 mg of cadmium. (5)

What in the world of all things sexy? Holy fathering crust! Yes! That’s the same stuff that 90% or more of gym goers are having RELIGIOUSLY after every workout and before.


Aw c’mon you’re over-reacting! We can’t avoid all that now days and besides our body can just flush it out…right?

Let’s consider what the safe limit for such things are according to USP the standards for safe intakes of the metals mentioned a day are

Arsenic’s safe limit is 15mg a day

Cadmium’s safe limit is 5mg a day

Lead’s safe limit is 10mg a day

LOOK AT THE SAMPLES IN THE CONSUMER REPORT! 16.9MG FOR ARSENIC, 13.5MG OF LEAD AND 5.5MG OF CADMIUM!? You’re going beyond the RECOMMENDED intake! That’s right! It’s bad enough you intake these in the first place but now you’re actually over-doing it too?

Just how bad is each of these metals in your protein shakes?

Cadmium: “Cadmium is more readily absorbed through the lungs than through the human digestive system. Exposure to cadmium can damage kidneys, the central nervous system and the immune system, as well as cause bone fractures and reproductive problems. Symptoms can include stomach aches, diarrhea and vomiting” (6)

Holy crust! You realise that cadmium is made to make things like batteries too right?


Yup, you’re eating it too.

Arsenic: “water-soluble inorganic arsenic is readily absorbed by the human digestive system. Symptoms include stomach and intestine irritation and skin disturbances, lung irritation and decreased white and red blood cell production. Very high exposure to inorganic arsenic can cause infertility, skin disturbances, declined resistance to infections, heart disruptions, brain damage, and death.” (6)

Lead: “Lead can cause: disruption of the biosynthesis of hemoglobin, anemia, high blood pressure, kidney damage, reproductive/fertility problems and brain/nervous system damage.” (6)

Mercury: “Symptoms of mercury poisoning include: kidney damage, disruption of the nervous system, damage to brain functions, DNA and chromosomal damage, allergic reactions, sperm damage, birth defects and miscarriages.”(6)

Want even more horrifying news? Metals like Cadmium can stay in the body for more than 20+ Years! (7) And considering the intake, which you can see, is beyond that of what the “recommended” intake should be, in those 20+ years you’d be lucky if you can even get half of it out of you! Moby Dick’s whale!


If it’s not enough to look at the fact it can cause serious harm, then maybe, just maybe at least there is still better value when it comes to the protein content at least along with all the vitamins and nutrients it provides?

I want to stress one thing, which I will use as an example here to answer the question I’ve just made you wonder. Protein supplementation in the forms you get from those supplement stores is something NO ONE should recommend to pregnant women. Pregnant_belly_button

I’m using pregnant women as an example here because they would generally tend to need to eat a bit more to nourish the baby, and if they do eat well, and live healthily the baby will be healthy too. That’s something everyone should know by now. Pregnant women are a very good example of the population who does struggle at times to eat well, sleep well etc.

There was two trails of 529 pregnant women in which they took high protein supplementation.

Protein, yes is needed and very important for the human body. We all know that, so you might think that with the supplementation, all that protein would help! Well the two trails showed that high-protein supplementation had significantly increased risk of small-for-gestational-age birth weight and it made no difference to undernourished mothers either!!! (8,9)

Ok, so fine, it’s dangerous and it’s not more nutritious as real food. But it’s protein, and quick acting protein at that! So it should make it better because it’ll go straight to my muscles then right?

As already mentioned, your anabolism can be up to 24 hours after you train (10). Having a good meal that does contain a lot of nutrients like a nice hearty meal of squash, sweet potatoes, meat, along with a nice organic fruit juice etc. is much more better than any supplement out there. If you still are unconvinced by the literature I provided that you’ll still gain muscle and strength if you put down the protein shakes then you may want to take a step back in time and see a few legends in the golden age of weight lifting like Author Saxon (who can put up a weight with one arm over his head than you can bench press with two hands) or Hermann Goerner (who can deadlift a weight with ONE ARM more than you could ever do with two).


According to their eating habits in a great interview article entitled: Party like it’s 1899: Physical Culture Interview with Craig Staufenberg:

“The old timers generally opposed eating immediately after exercise due to their focus on circulation. They felt that your blood needed to circulate through your muscles after exercise, and that eating a meal drew blood away from your muscles and into your digestive apparatus.

When your body was ready you’d eat a large breakfast of whole, natural foods that were minimally prepared and seasoned. You’d eat until you weren’t hungry any more, and you’d pay careful attention to chewing thoroughly. You wouldn’t read or do anything else that required a lot of brain power when eating. The old timers recommended you focus on your meal to optimize digestion.” (11)

They suck and are a waste of money and not only that but they are harmful. You are better off eating a real meal rather than having protein shakes. It can do the following:
  • Cause infertility
  • Cause Kidney damage
  • Damages your immune system
  • Skin disturbances
  • Damages your brain
  • Damages your DNA
  • Can kill you
  • Much much more!


Wow, what a sales pitch huh? If you want that and more order now, but wait! For a limited time only if you order within the next 30 minutes (the anabolic window) you’ll also get miscarriages, birth defects, declined resistances to infections and a 20 year guarantee! GROOVY!

The most important thing about eating around a workout is, that it’s good to have meals before and after. You should eat something before you train, and not immediately but at least a good two hours before you do (my personal recommendation, since you don’t want all that food in your stomach sloshing around) and the anabolic window can be up to 24H not 30 minutes like most would have you believe so you can buy their protein shakes.
Some good advice for after a workout
Here’s a few things that will help:

Carbohydrate-rich foods with a moderate to high glycemic index provide a readily available source of carbohydrate for muscle glycogen synthesis, and should be the major carbohydrate choices in recovery meals.” (12, 13).

Things like fruits are great to have. Not only that but fruits high in antioxidants can help you since exercise is a form of stress and it’ll help fight off the free-radicals running around.

A good ratio of carbohydrate to protein intake is 3:1. So this can mean 30g of carbohydrates and 10g of protein or 40g of carbohydrates at 20g of protein.

My choice of post workout drinks that is PERFECT for the protein and carbohydrate content is RAW MILK. If you can your hands on this then you have the best post workout nutrition there is!

Not only is the ratio of protein to carbohydrate perfect but it is loaded with nutrients and can help with a number of things after a workout.

“Nineteen, untrained men (18-25 years) consumed either a milk (MILK) or a carbohydrate-electrolyte (CHO) drink immediately following each workout during a 10 week resistance training program… MILK tended to increase body weight and FFST (fat free soft tissue) mass…Post-resistance exercise consumption of MILK and CHO caused similar adaptations to resistance training. It is possible that a more prolonged training with supplementation period would expand the trend for greater FFST gains in MILK.” (14).

So there you have it! The next time you think that it is oh so important that you have your protein shake and if you don’t have it, especially after a workout, you’ll look like someone anorexic and you won’t get the behemoth dick you are after, well, now you know it boils down to a few simple things: Train hard, eat good natural foods. Save your money and the trip on those tubs and save the shaker bottles for a dance fiesta in Brazil, besides, shaking those bottles looks like you’re masturbating anyway.


We all know which side you shake it with


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Ceps Weston Domingo is a personal trainer and nutritional consultant, and best selling author of the 30 day paleo weight loss plan and 30 day paleo slow cooker recipe cookbook.


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  • Domingo u are the best

  • Alen Tepeš

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    You suck you know' what you write here is you personal stupid opinion…. Agree that soy protein is bad' bud whey protein is good. And yes i talked to few doctors, 1 is my brother.

    • CepsWeston

      Reply Reply September 16, 2015

      Cool. Whey might have some benefits but look at all the other useless crap that’s in your regular tub of 3kg, you’d be surprised, and I laid out that there’s even traces of heavy metal over the recommended daily intake too none-the-less. You don’t have to be a doctor to know that’s bad for you.

  • Joza

    Reply Reply May 6, 2015

    You suck you know’ what you write here is you personal stupid opinion…. Agree that soy protein is bad’ bud whey protein is good. And yes i talked to few doctors, 1 is my brother.

    • CepsWeston

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      Friend you’ve commented twice, and judging from your facebook, you need to lift more before you say that whey is the way to your gains.

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    I am with you all the way Ordinary Milk is best.Paying a fortune for so called protien drinks is a complete waste of money

    • CepsWeston

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      Damn right! Not only that, but milk is more beneficial! While there might be things to show whey has benefits, look at the other junk they use in those 3kg tubs! It’s absolute crap! They’re ripping you off with the price too.

  • Rhodian naval

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    Am wid yow whey shake is the waste of money wether they lik it or not

    • CepsWeston

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      Damn right. It’s a serious waste. While some will argue, there are benefits to it, and I’m not denying there are studies that indeed show it does have benefits, and even it is more bioavailable, we’re better off saving our money and just eating good food.

  • Deepak Mannan

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    Great article :) Your article saved my money, i was about to order Protein powder, however i wont now. I think i would have to eat a lot to catch up with the protein intake but that shouldn’t be a issue. Thanks again.

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      No worries man!

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