Red meat Causes Cancer? And other red meat myths!

Red meat cancer myth?

Women red meat cancer

You have more chances of the knife and fork killing you rather than the steak. If anything, the girl will probably kill you cause you pissed her off when you said to her that she had a bit of lip hair and you found that ship fascinating. Never say a woman has lip hair…or a uni-brow. Especially the gobdamned uni-brow.

Red meat has apparently been shown to give you the following:

  • Cause breast cancer (1)
  • Cause bowel cancer (2)
  • Heart diseases by the L-Carnitine found in red meat (3)
  • Heart diseases…because saturated fat, duh, because saturated fat is the bad fat and red meat is loaded with it (4)
  • IT CAN HARM YOUR BRAIN? That’s right, apparently red meat is going to make you dumber (5)
  • Arthritis (6)
  • Osteoporosis (6)

I want to take a moment to collect here and quote the great Will Ferrel in how I feel and think about all this because it sums up what I think perfectly…

…By the Hymen of Olivia Newton John…. By the hymen.

So you mean to tell me that all the red meat I have ate in the past (including for breakfast this morning, yes, breakfast!) is making me an idiotic, weak boned, infertile, cancer-ridden fool with chronic heart disease and arthritis? Soon enough you’re going to tell me I’m going to die a horrible, horrible death giving birth to spider chickens!


This is Olivia Newton John. No hymens shown, but the proud owner of one. Disappointed you didn’t see a spider chicken? …Click HERE

So what’s the truth then? Does red meat, like a nice steak give you cancer and all the other ailments listed? Oh trust me….I’m not just going to show that all those claims are a myth. No. I’m not just going to gently dispel them one little myth at a time. Uh uh. Gently Dispel? I’m going to destroy them. In fact, scratch that. I’m going to DOMINATE them. Dominate them so hard that I should have brought those myths dinner first!

Yep. Totally should have brought her dinner first.



“Eating red meat delivers L-carnitine to bacteria that live in the human gut. These bacteria digest L-carnitine and turn it into a compound called trimethylamine-N-oxide (TMAO). In studies in mice, TMAO has been shown to cause atherosclerosis, the disease process that leads to cholesterol-clogged arteries. We know that clogged coronary arteries can lead to heart attacks.” (3)

…oh sweet merciful crust…You’ll see soon enough how stupid this is.

First of all, what exactly is L-Carnitine?

Carnitine is a substance that helps the body turn fat into energy. Your body makes it in the liver and kidneys and stores it in the skeletal muscles, heart, brain, and sperm.

Usually, your body can make all the carnitine it needs. Some people, however, may not have enough carnitine because their bodies cannot make enough or can’t transport it into tissues so it can be used. Some other conditions, such as angina or intermittent claudication, can also cause low levels of carnitine in the body, as can some medications.

Carnitine has been proposed as a treatment for many conditions because it acts as an antioxidant.” (8).

Wait, so this stuff is naturally re-occuring in our bodies, and low levels of it actually is harmful? So by logic then our liver and kidneys make this!? So our liver and kidneys are killing us?! Of course they aren’t!

Yet, apparently something so natural to us, when we do get L-Carnitine from red-meat food sources then we’re screwed?

Apparently though, it doesn’t apply if you’re vegan. It’s just if you eat red meat.

I have news for you. While L-Carnitine is found in red meat, it’s found in vegetables too! That’s right, fudgers and fudgettes! It’s found in things like asparagus, artichokes, broccoli, Brussels, okra, KALE, nuts, seeds and legumes! (9). That means practically all the foods are killing us then!

Kale red meat cancer L-Carnitine

So this guy gives his girlfriend a bunch of kale loaded up with L-Carnitine because he “cares”? What an anushole! In fact, if the theory that L-Carnitine was so harmful for you then this guy should be locked up in prison. Scratch that, he has WHAT?! A whole GARDEN of them?! Somebody stop this guy! What a psycho! He’s planning to kill everyone and start world war 3, 5 and 10!

The facts? L-Carnitine has NUMEROUS benefits! Here’s a few:

  • Peyronie’s disease is characterized by a curvature of the penis that leads to pain during an erection. One promising study compared acetyl-L-carnitine to the medication tamoxifen in 48 men with this condition. Acetyl-L-carnitine worked better than tamoxifen at reducing pain during sex” (8, 10).
  • Hyperthyroidism – One study showed it to helped with the symptoms of an over-active thyroid, symptoms such as tremors, insomnia, nervousness, heart palpitations (11).
  • Helps with erectile dysfunction – Actually can even increase the effects of sidenafil which is also called viagra. (12). Have a $200 a day spending habit on viagra? Eat your red meat with that and it’s a party…probably not the kind of party I’d want to be invited to though…well..maybe.
  • Helps with vascular diseases (12).
L-Carnitine and viagra

…But L-carnitine and Viagra do!

I get it though, some of you will argue “yeah but you see, Ceps, you MILF-fudger, you, it’s higher in meat and therefore it’s in unnatural amounts and therefore it might not have any benefit and it WILL kill you, so your points are invalid. Suck on my Kale.”

If the benefits that I listed and the fact that it’s naturally reoccurring in your body isn’t enough to convince you (there’s more than just those benefits I’m sure) and you are still someone who believes L-Carnitine will kill you or age you faster, guess what happened when centenarians SUPPLEMENTED with L-Carnitine?

Now keep in mind with this study that beef has one of the highest concentrations of L-Carnitine. With 100g of beef you’re looking at 95MG of L-Carnitine (9). The centenarians supplemented with TWO GRAMS of L-Carnitine which is the equvilent of almost 2KG of BEEF (more actually)! So let’s put to the test what happened with this “excessive” amount on the best demographic to consider.


He eats meat.

“At the end of the study period, the levocarnitine-treated (L-Carnitine) centenarians , compared with the placebo group, showed significant improvements in the following markers: total fat mass (-1.80 compared with 0.6 kg; P < 0.01), total muscle mass (3.80 compared with 0.8 kg; P < 0.01)… Significant differences were also found in physical fatigue (-4.10 compared with -1.10; P < 0.01), mental fatigue (-2.70 compared with 0.30; P < 0.001), fatigue severity (-23.60 compared with 1.90; P < 0.001), and MMSE (mini-mental state examination) (4.1 compared with 0.6; P < 0.001)” (13)

and before you say “yeah well, they probably injected it straight to the guts”

The study “ indicates that oral administration of levocarnitine produces a reduction of total fat mass, increases total muscular mass, and facilitates an increased capacity for physical and cognitive activity by reducing fatigue and improving cognitive functions” (13)

So basically, L-Carnitine causing any type of disease from red meat is a MYTH! Eat your damned meat!

So what about the claim and study saying L-carnitine is what will kill you? How did they come to that conclusion?

Everyone such as THIS GUY is having a massive hard on of the bonerific kind for THIS review paper which states: “Intestinal microbiota metabolism of l-carnitine a nutrient in red meat, promotes atherosclerosis” (14).

The study quotes 3 papers. The problem with these papers, which is a point I want to make now before we continue with all the other myths is that when one quotes a study for meat causing cancer they are most likely quoting papers called “epidemiological studies” which means that the subjects studied ARE NOT IN A CONTROLLED environment and that means that the subjects/patients/guys they torture are free to do whatever else and eat whatever else.

So the paper wanted to show a high red meat intake will cause cancer and cardiovascular diseases, and L-Carnitine would be one of the many other reasons for why red meat is bad. Well okay let’s see what happens when there’s this uncontrolled setting and they let people do whatever the heck they want to do.


This guy doing what he wants to do. Will the eating of whatever is in his mouth cause him cancer or will it be the polar bear his riding on? I can’t even tell if that’s a diaper he’s wearing to match the pictures on the wall of those two ladies. And are those black socks to match his chest and back hair? Good lordy. Imagine if this was your Dad! His kids must be so proud of him.

The first study indicated that RED MEAT EATERS WERE SMOKERS. When the meat consumption was up, so too was the smoking. (15). How can you possibly say that the main cause for their ailments was the meat then?

I actually want one more point to drive home why that paper is absolute crap and why everyone who quotes it most likely cannot tell a guy from a girl even if it’s so blatantly obvious until they find themselves in the hotel room with them.

In one of the other studies which is also epidemiological (an uncontrolled setting) guess what their conclusion was? Red meat intake was not associated with CHD…or diabetes mellitus (16). Yup, you read right! So not only did the original paper that quoted 3 studies suggesting that L-Carnitine and red meat consumption as a whole was responsible for diseases but it quoted one other study that said red meat wasn’t solely responsible.

Excuse my language but, what the utter hairy girl armpits is this all about? Did they even read? Goodness gracious great balls of fire!


With all the deficiency of L-Carnitine, Males would most likely have their balls spontaneously combust. Apparently is a spectacular event to go to and a sight to behold. I for one am not volunteering

What about red meat and other cancers such as breast cancer?

Every single year there is at least one study out about red meat causing a certain type of cancer or disease. But as I said it’s going to always most likely be in an uncontrolled setting. We’ll use one study as an example for breast cancer. It quotes: “We documented 2830 cases of breast cancer during 20 years of follow-up. Higher intake of total red meat was associated with an increased risk of breast cancer overall”. (17).

The problem is, with the questionnaire that study had, the people who smoked were all red meat eaters. Heck the graph showed an almost linear correlation.

What exactly does this say then? Is red meat the evil that causes breast cancer and other cancers? Based on that study it’s shown a NUMBER of things can be causes of various diseases. Such as people who ate red meat where least likely to have safe sex.

Let’s put this into practice for a second just so you have a fair idea how stupid this is. If there’s a study that suggests, say,”people who choose to have sex will die horrible deaths” and the findings say “we documented 5000 cases of deaths during 15 year follow-ups. Higher sex frequency was associated with deaths while no sex resulted in no deaths” And the conclusion being “There’s a 99% chance of dying with sex, researchers see that abstaining from sex will increase longevity in humans”.

Then when we see the questionnaire or graph and the statistics show something such as “2500 of the people who had sex in the middle of the motorway, 1000 always were borderline flirting with erotic asphyxiation, 998 had sex while a tiger was in the room, 2 had sex at home, 500 did not have sex at all and lived in a plastic bubble that shielded them from bullets and Tom cruise” 

What exactly does the questionaire tell you then? We obviously see that the guys who did the dirty were all risky idiots and there was OTHER FACTORS involved. Sex didn’t kill them, the OTHER factors did! Only 2 weren’t morons or had a fetish for tigers, motorways, and hanging themselves. The other 500 who didn’t have sex were much more conscious about their safety than the others.


The bottom line when it comes to red meat and cancer studies

It seems that the people who most likely ate red meat were most likely just didn’t care that much about their health. When vegetarians choose to be the way they are they most likely are more health conscious and take more of an effort to avoid things like smoking and drinking. It’s that plain and simple. Cancer being caused by red meat? I think not. Let’s move on to some of the other myths.


The guy probably eats red meat

Does red meat cause Osteoporosis?

I can’t even believe I’m going to have to debunk this myth. No. It does not cause osteoporosis. The reasons why people believe red meat causes bone loss is because A) It’s higher in protein and apparently protein causes bone loss, and leeches calcium from your bones and B) It’s an acid forming food so therefore it’ll cause bone loss.


Even if he did show you….He probably couldn’t get it working because it’ll be so brittle. Oh red meat…stop yanking my whenis. Oh wait, apparently according to some that’s the problem, red meat doesn’t yank it…..or does it?

For A) I’ve written at length if high protein diets are dangerous, you can check that out and what benefits high protein diets have for weight loss and health HERE. But in a nutshell, no, protein, and from red meat too, will not cause bone loss or osteoporosis.

A study on the elderly reveals that “In the elderly, low protein intakes are often observed in patients with hip fracture. In these patients intervention study after orthopedic management demonstrates that protein supplementation as given in the form of casein, attenuates post-fracture bone loss, increases muscles strength, reduces medical complications and hospital stay” (18).

What about leeching calcium from your bones? Studies show “greater calcium retention and absorption by individuals consuming high-protein diets, particularly when the calcium content of the diet was limiting. High-protein intake may positively impact bone health by several mechanisms, including calcium absorption, stimulation of the secretion of insulin-like growth factor-1, and enhancement of lean body mass” (19).

I’ll add in from the same article I wrote about high protein that, protein actually can ““Further lower blood pressure, improve lipid levels, and reduce estimated cardiovascular risk.” (20, 21, 22).

Animal proteins have all essential amino acids also (complete proteins) (23).


This meal actually might lower blood pressure. Well if you skimp out on the bread over in the corner.

Red meat are acid forming and cause bone loss?

Again, I’ve done a HUGE write up on Alkaline diets being absolute myths which you can check out HERE, so I’m going to summarize because you all love nutshells.

  • You cannot, through food, influence your BLOOD PH levels. You can influence your urine but not your blood.
  • Your blood P.H. At all times is around the 7.4 Mark. Any higher or lower than this and you WILL die. So you mean to tell me then, by exercising and building up lactic acid (which has a P.H. of 3.98 (24)) you’ll die? Or how about hydrochloric acid, which is what we have in our stomach to digest food and has a P.H. of 1 (25)? Every time we eat then are we supposed to die too? How in the world have you or I lived all these years then?
  • If you want to argue that “it’s the higher amounts then that’ll cause bone loss” then eat this: “On the basis of recent findings, consuming protein (including that from meat) higher than current Recommended Dietary Allowance for protein is beneficial to calcium utilization and bone health, especially in the elderly. A high-protein diet with adequate calcium and fruits and vegetables is important for bone health and osteoporosis prevention” (26).
  • Being in an alkaline state called Alkalosis can actually KILL you! (27)

I think you get the point. Red meat does NOT cause you to lose bones to the point where you’re so weak and brittle a gentle wind can blow you around the world.


Well she’s in the same place? So Guess that means she’s eating her protein then

Does the saturated fat in red meat cause heart disease and cancer?

I wrote up another article about ketogenic dieting does not cause atherosclerosis cardiovascular disease, and does not clog arteries and cause cancer. You can check that out HERE.

I’m going to quote the article exactly since I’m sure by now you all have read enough about red meat and are hungry for some steak with tabasco sauce. I sure am. What happens when we get “Twenty-three patients with atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease…And “had been treated with statins before entry in the trial” to find out “whether a diet of high saturated fat and avoidance of starch (HSF-SA) results in weight loss without adverse effects on serum lipids in obese nondiabetic patients” for roughly “24-52 weeks” (28)?


Are they?

The conclusion was ”An HSF-SA (high saturated fat-no starch) diet results in weight loss after 6 weeks without adverse effects on serum lipid levels verified by nuclear magnetic resonance, and further weight loss with a lipid-neutral effect may persist for up to 52 weeks”

And for the skeptics that want the NUMBERS and actual test results from the study, then sure here you go:

In patients with atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease, mean total body weight (TBW) decreased 5.2%+/-2.5% as did body fat percentage…analysis of lipids showed decreases in total triglycerides, very low-density lipoprotein (VLDL) triglycerides… High-density lipoprotein (HDL) and LDL concentrations were unchanged (this is talking about cholesterol here)…Patients with polycystic ovary syndrome lost 14.3%+/-20.3% of TBW and patients with reactive hypoglycemia lost 19.9%+/-8.7% of TBW at 24 and 52 weeks, respectively, without adverse effects on serum lipids.”

No deaths, nothing. Just weight loss and good health!

How about red meat causing infertility?

This’ll be quick. Nothing would piss me off more than not have a working penis from the food I eat. I find that the exact people that say that red meat will cause infertility are either vegans, or people that love soy. Funnily enough soy actually causes testosterone levels to go down and therefore cause infertility in men!


I think it’s safe to say the weather has been eating their meat and not soy. The guy’s forecast today? “You will all marvel at the behemoth cloud. Showers to be expected”.

For starters, we already saw that L-Carnitine which is rich in meat can help with erectile dysfunction and even help viagra to be more potent (12).

Secondly, fat, or more specifically cholosterol produces testosterone and sex hormones. Cholosterol is a steroidal hormone and without it, your testosterone levels won’t be optimal and plummet. Don’t believe me? Let’s see what happens when you take fat out of your diet.

“39 middle-aged, white, healthy men (50-60 yr of age) were studied while they were consuming their usual high-fat, low-fiber diet and after 8 wk modulation to an isocaloric low-fat, high-fiber diet. Mean body weight decreased by 1 kg, whereas total caloric intake, energy expenditure, and activity index were not changed…After diet modulation (switching to low fat), mean serum testosterone (T) concentration fell….production rates for T showed a downward trend while on low-fat diet modulation…We conclude that reduction in dietary fat intake (and increase in fiber) results in 12% consistent lowering of circulating androgen levels” (29).

So not only did testosterone fall but they lost a kg? That’s probably from muscle since testosterone actually helps build muscle. Heck if you didn’t see, it fell by 12%!!! In only 8 weeks! Imagine not being able to bone your girlfriend after 8 weeks. She’ll definitely leave you for a meat eater.


I can see it now…A girl ringing me asking for one of my aliases. Ring ring. “Hey there, Johnny Rusedski? Hey there sexy…hmm mm..yeah, he’s asleep. No we didn’t do it…dinner? We had a tofu salad! Yeuck….What’s that? You got steak at your place and a functional trouser snake? You have handcuffs too? uhh..and you’re wearing boxers that say big kahuna? Shower, wall, bed?…..10 minutes. Answer naked.”

What about the age old theory that high amounts of fat would clog your arteries and stop blood flow and in turn cause impotence? Check this next study out:

It’s objective was to test “The effect of an LC (high-saturated fat low carbohydrate) on markers of endothelial function and cardiovascular disease (CVD) risk was compared with that of an isocaloric high-carbohydrate, low-saturated-fat diet (HC)” (30).

The results? ”More weight and more abdominal fat mass were lost with the LC (high-saturated fat low carbohydrate) than with the HC (low fat high carbohydrate)…” and also “Endothelial markers, E- and P selectin, intracellular and cellular-adhesion molecule-1, tissue-type plasminogen activator, and plasminogen activator inhibitor-1 decreased”. (30)

In English, that means, there was no cardiovascular diseases, no blocking of arteries to stop blood flow from being impotent AND the group that went on the high fat diet LOST more weight and fat than the low fat group! (PS: The last 3 paragraphs were quoted from another article I wrote comparing high fat to low fats, and if you want even more studies to prove this click HERE.)

Let’s move on to the last myth. The very last myth that involves brain function.

Does eating red meat make you an idiot?

This myth is so stupid that I feel compelled not to even bother…Well…Let me tell you a funny story to begin anyway. By sheer coincidence this happened to be with someone who was a vegetarian. Conversation I had with him while playing poker was hilarious:

Vegan dude: “You know, I was in this really crazy bizarre place one day yeah? Needed to go bleed the snake”

Poker guy 1: “Bleed the snake? Oh yup? So, what happened? Where’d you end up marking your territory?”

Vegan guy: “Well you know I really had to go….I was so desperate. The men’s bathroom was closed for some reason so I was thinking, what the heck do I do?! Crap!”

Me: “So what was this bizarre place then?”

Vegan guy: “I call the place bizarre cause I was at a mall right? So I donno, the bathroom to the males must’ve been out of order or something. So I thought, okay, screw it I’ll go to the ladies’ toilet quick, if I’m going to do it quick no one will notice…”

Poker guy 2: “Ha, bizarre place”

Vegan guy: “No but seriously you guys, get this! It was bizarre! I mean, someone should complain to someone about the women’s toilet there!”

Me: “Yeah? Why? What’d you find? A tampon breathing dragon? Or was there a peep hole somewhere? Cause yeah, then I’d definitely report that being bizarre.”

Vegan guy: “Nah honestly, get this! I’m 100% certain that’s the only women’s toilet that didn’t have urinals”


…okay fine, I thought it was hilarious to hear someone say that…Let’s get on with why eating red meat won’t make you say stupid stuff like that.

  • Going back to L-Carnitine which is rich in red meat, it helps improve cognitive function (13).
  • In fact, cholesterol richly found in red meat is actually ESSENTIAL for proper brain function (neurological and cognitive) (31).
  • Not only is it essential, but did you know low cholesterol levels actually have proven records that it can lead to suicide, depression and violence?!!! Don’t believe me? ” With standardized ages, the group of subjects with antisocial personality had a clearly lower mean level of serum cholesterol than the group with other personality disorders which was used as a control group” (32)… “Observational studies (including cohort, case-control, and cross-sectional studies) consistently showed increased violent death and violent behaviours in persons with low cholesterol levels.” (33).
  • This can also relate to leading to suicide, depression and violence: Serotonin (which effects your mood) is significantly lower with people who have lower cholesterol levels (34).
  • Creatine found richly found in red meat will help brain function also. (36) For instance in one paper it suggests ” in vegetarians rather than in those who consume meat, creatine supplementation resulted in better memory. Irrespective of dietary style, the supplementation of creatine decreased the variability in the responses to a choice reaction-time task.” (35).
  • B12. This vitamin is NECESSARY for brain function (and this vitamin actually deserves it’s own whole article) . There’s heaps of studies indicating that if you are low on B12 (which B12 can only be RICHLY found, and in SUFFICIENT (READ: WHAT YOU NEED) amounts in animal food) you’ll suffer from neurodegenerative disease and cognitive impairment. (37). Heck, the elderly need the vitamin even more so, because it can decline with age and it can be shown to cause things like dementia (38).
Low B12 Cognition

Low on the B12…probably doesn’t eat red meat and avoids all fats.

Is there ANY truth at all that red meat causes cancer and diseases?

Here’s the one thing that might have some truth and it’s this: If you have processed meat, or meat that was not raised well, pumped full of hormones, has eaten crap food, lived in dirty conditions, never seen the light of day etc. Then how exactly are you going to get nourishment? In fact, it’s not even the meat that would be to blame it’ll be the hormones and whatever living conditions and disease that cattle contracted, that you eat, that will cause your ailments.

But then again so does vegetables and fruits. Pesticides, unnatural growing, etc. Genetically modified organismic foods (and you can have a look what the side effects are in an article HERE.)

Also, if you severely overcook or cook with charcoal on a very frequent basis then yes, you are eating a carcinogenic substance and that of course will cause cancer. “A carcinogen is any substance, radionuclide, or radiation that is an agent directly involved in causing cancer. This may be due to the ability to damage the genome or to the disruption of cellular metabolic processes” (39). Solution? Don’t overcook your meat.

So the bottom line is this. Organic and healthy meat and same with vegetables and fruits. Natural, no man made stuff is the best and safest way to go. No, meat won’t cause diseases, cancer, osteoporosis and other stupid myths. In fact it’s one of the most nourishing foods on the planet to have!

How about we end the article with a summary of the benefits of red meat in that chocolate nutshell of goodness?

  • Red meat will increase brain function (memory, reaction time etc) and make your mood regulated
  • Help increase muscle and lose fat
  • Increase testosterone
  • Helps produce strong bones
  • Helps with erectile dysfunction
  • Increases the effects of viagra

Eat your steak merrily with tabasco sauce knowing that it’ll make you healthy and strong!


Tabasco sauce…If you don’t like this or you haven’t had any, you need to re-evaluate your life.














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