Skepticism: always be a skeptic! Things AREN’T what they seem!


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Now before I actually get onto this little lesson of skepticism today, I want to start off by saying that no this post is NOT going to be about or include conspiracy theories about such things as 911, the government, or amazon Babylonian women breeding with tigers to help develop our super soldiers…and no aliens either! Before we know it, they’ll be talking about the statue of liberty’s nipples being a doomsday device.

What I want to talk about today is that you should question everything, and analyse things for yourself, come to your own conclusions, and listen to no body for 100% certainty unless you’re 100% certain. There is new fads day in a day out when it comes to exercise methods and nutrition. Before, it was how fat was demonized and as a result we’ve seen the biggest rise in diabetes in history. Next was carbohydrates being avoided for the rest of your life. I can now see a trend that protein is being demonized as being a toxic substance. Trust me, in time, it’ll become more mainstream. I can see it with all the raw food vegan advocates (well 99% at least).

Let’s start with doctor advice. If you take what the doctor says as gospel all the time chances are you might be hurting yourself and others. I’m not saying to never believe a doctor, but what I am saying is, doctor’s are not god, they do not know all the answers, and sometimes they are very wrong.

Want a little experience I had a long time ago that’s testimony to this? I woke up one morning with the most unbearable pain in my leg, it felt like someone stabbed me with a knife that was just forged in fire. I wasn’t dreaming about being in an RPG, trust me, I was awake and this pain was real. I was probably only 8 or so at the time. We go to this doctor and the doctor says to my Mom and I it’s nothing and to just put a hot water bottle on it and to give me some panadol. I couldn’t bare the pain at all..and yes how ironic for someone who has a site called

The doctor’s diagnosis was that I just stumped my leg on something or it could be potential appendicitis (which obviously requires more than just a frigging hot water bottle! What would a hot water bottle do? Summon Aladin?)


Yep, this $5 beauty would help treat osteomyelitis, pain, and summon the dragon.

Fast forwarding now, it turns out I had a bone disease at that age called osteomyelitis. It’s an infection of the bone. Apparently the infection was so bad I could’ve been paralysed or I could’ve even died if I didn’t get rushed to the hospital and had surgery that same day. If my Mom literally listened to the doctor who told her and I to just put a hot water bottle, despite me praying to all the gods there was such as buddha, shiva, micheal jackson….I could easily be six feet under or in a wheel chair right now.

My Mom decided not to listen to that doctor and funnily enough went to someone named doctor He, who was an acupuncturist for some odd reason, and that guy was the one who said I was in a critical state, and to take me to the hospital.

So how exactly does my experience relate to you from a nutrition standpoint?

You SHOULD question and be a skeptic of everything. If you go to the doctors and they tell you to have zero fat in your diet have high carbohydrates and medium protein, how do you know that’s right? Because they are a doctor and their explanation is “fat makes you fat” or “fat is more calorie dense and therefore it’ll make you fat”? Or what about things like a nutritionist or some well known health authority saying “protein can cause osteoporosis and high protein diets are dangerous”?

Those are scary claims, but are they true? No. If you do your own research, or ask for evidence in what they say and look at the evidence yourself you can draw your own conclusions. For instance, I’ve got a lot of evidence to show that high protein diets are NOT dangerous, and are actually beneficial. There’s a lot of evidence to show this is the case and my body composition is much better for getting enough protein when I’m in periods of losing fat. If you want to see for yourself check that out here. Not only that but fat has a dramatic fat on health and body composition also. Check that article out here.

How about in everyday life?

Sometimes, and being honest, people are morons. They just don’t see people are not what they seem even if it is so obvious. They just accept the fact that the person standing in front of them right now is who they really are, and never in a million years would they stab them in a the back with a battleaxe, knife, gluten cake etc. But alas, you cannot always be too trusting of everyone. Probably a bad example but, let’s take a popular show called catfish. Catfish is all about people who enter online dating and date someone they’ve never met for years. How much trust do you have to give to someone for that?

Typically in this show, the person, in my opinion, is a complete mongoose. They don’t video chat to the person, ask the person to hold up a piece of paper with a sentence of their choosing, and they put up with hundreds of excuses on why the person can’t meet or stood them up…A little research themselves such as a google image search of the pictures the person they’re apparently dating is real to things like calling one of the person’s close friends, seeing if their claims are real etc. is more than enough. But for some reason they just believe with a blind eye. Watch this video below as a prime example of what I’m trying to get at.

Highlights for the impatient

Watch from 2:00 to 2:40 to get the story on who this girl is and what this guy is trying to get at.

Watch from 11:08 to 14:08 for how they did some investigative work to track down a little on who Jess was.If she is real or fake.

The big reveal is on 25:25 to 31:35

Last example for you people that still want to debate that you should still just accept everything as truth…

Go to Thailand or Philippines and try talk to the most beautiful girls you see (and if you’re a guy, try pick up) without a second thought…Not even Thailand in fact, go anywhere where there is a diverse population and most things are socially accepted…What’s my point with this? Look at the picture below, and tell me, if you’re a guy, if you wouldn’t mind having fun with her, or you ladies, wouldn’t mind taking her out to places where it’s girls only events.


Have an answer? good. Now google image search this picture. For people that don’t know how to do this let me cut to the chase. This ladies’ name is Kevin Balot. Yes Kevin. Yes, this is a GUY! By the hymen!!! By the way as an aside, I’ve nothing against Filipino women or thai girls, I’m part Filipino myself and I love the women, but dammit, now that we have a kevin balot prancing around all over the place it pays to be more skeptical. HA! I’m guessing your reaction was probably like the guy in the video below:


So what’s the moral of today? Be skeptic! Skepticism is a valuable asset. It pays to be! Question everything and do your own research. You can just potentially save your own life, be healthier, and not regret decisions you never want to tell your friends about, ever.


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