Sleep deprivation causes diabeties, and makes you an impotent fat emotional retard


Less sleep is what people aim for now days. Since the beginning of the invention of the light bulb in fact. People think 6 hours of sleep is more than enough and even less than that is praised by everyone as a sign of someone who is a hard worker in business. Before the invention of the light bulb there was rarely even a need for sleeping drugs, and supplements. Now, it seems that there can’t be too much of it! Something as simple as sleep? What the utter fruit?

Everyone is trying to get more out of the day trying to “hack” their bodies’ physiological need for sleep.

Like all my other articles, I might take some back fire by those who stay up late every night playing games, watching too much youtube, or simply thinking sleep is for the weak, but let me dose you with the science as to why lack of sleep will cause you a host of problems to your health, mentally, and physically…unless of course you’re Chuck Norris, who doesn’t sleep, but waits.


Chuck Norris, pictured here, after having not slept but waited for the next day, listens intently to this poor bastard who is sleep deprived, why he should not get round-housed kicked to the head


It will make you fatter and give you diabetes

It’s true! Lack of sleep actually can make you fatter, by not making you efficiently utilise your carbohydrates and it can also lead to insulin resistance, and give you type-2 diabetes!

short sleep times experienced by many individuals in Westernized societies, may facilitate the development of insulin resistance and reduced glucose tolerance…Epidemiological data indicate that reduced sleep duration is associated with increased incidence of type-2 diabetes”(1)

Not only that but lack of sleep has an effect on your leptin hormone which in turn has an effect on your appetite!

We have 2 groups of school-aged kids, which are from the ages of 8-11 years of age. Let’s see what happens to them when they were forced to be sleep deprived as an experiment (guess that means no wet dreams for the 11 year olds):

“Children slept their typical amount at home for 1 week and were then randomized to either increase or decrease their time in bed by 1.5 hours per night for 1 week, completing the alternate schedule on the third week. Primary outcomes were dietary intake as assessed by 24-hour dietary recalls, food reinforcement (ie, points earned for a food reward), and fasting leptin and ghrelin. The secondary outcome was child weight…Compared with decreased sleep, increased sleep duration in school-age children resulted in lower reported food intake, lower fasting leptin levels, and lower weight” (2).



The human equivalent of a human male walrus on a beach. Folks, no joke, live a natural lifestyle otherwise you’ll be living unnaturally

Before you knock back and say that “well sure, that’s for children, but there’s no way something as simple as sleep is going to make me fat and keep me fat right? I’m staying up late! I’m an adult and I have earned this right!” There’s heaps of studies to indicate that lack of sleep is “associated with a significant increase in the desire for weight-gain promoting high-calorie foods following sleep deprivation, the extent of which is predicted by the subjective severity of sleep loss across participants. These findings provide an explanatory brain mechanism by which insufficient sleep may lead to the development/maintenance of obesity through diminished activity in higher-order cortical evaluation regions, combined with excess subcortical limbic responsivity, resulting in the selection of foods most capable of triggering weight-gain.” (3).

So not only do you CRAVE higher calorie foods, but you’re more likely to be inactive too? Thinking maybe you should stop going on those social networking sites till 1AM?


Image by: theuberdiaoone

There is a physiological reason for you wanting carbohydrates and sweets when cases like this happen! The answer is serotonin!

Serotonin-releasing brain neurons are unique in that the amount of neurotransmitter they release is normally controlled by food intake: Carbohydrate consumption–acting via insulin secretion and the “plasma tryptophan ratio”–increases serotonin release; protein intake lacks this effect…However, serotonin release is also involved in such functions as sleep onset, pain sensitivity, blood pressure regulation, and control of the mood. Hence many patients learn to overeat carbohydrates (particularly snack foods, like potato chips or pastries, which are rich in carbohydrates and fats) to make themselves feel better…” (4).

So the answer is, to eat a massive amount of carbohydrates like candy right? HA! I now know the answer to getting around my lack of sleep!!



Hold on there Eagger, McBeaver, I’m sure if you think long enough you can imagine that there is a huge downside to that, which I have already stated more than a couple of times by now…But I feel I should at least include the answer to you beautiful ladies out there why you do tend to also want the ice cream when you are depressed, or for those of you who are trying to quit smoking, want more sweets…

This tendency to use certain foods as though they were drugs is a frequent cause of weight gain, and can also be seen in patients who become fat when exposed to stress, or in women with premenstrual syndrome, or in patients with “winter depression,” or in people who are attempting to give up smoking. (Nicotine, like dietary carbohydrates, increases brain serotonin secretion; nicotine withdrawal has the opposite effect.) It also occurs in patients with normal-weight bulimia.” (4).



So by now you realise just how much of an impact this will have in regards to your fat loss efforts. However, is this also an excuse that if you have lack of sleep you should skip training? NO! Get off the couch and train you lazy bastard! If national level collegiate weight lifters don’t have a drop in performance just because of one night of not sleep 24 hours then what’s your excuse? Of course though you won’t have your BEST performance you if you keep this up you’ll definitely stagnate. The usual symptoms from these weight lifters were “Vigor, fatigue, confusion, total mood disturbance, and sleepiness were all significantly altered by sleep loss” (5)

Confusion? Probably the same confusion for you to start hallucinating that Freddy Krugger was clawing away at your back…but then you realise it was your friend on the ground because you punched him…He must think you’re an anus hole. Which actually brings me to the next point..lack of sleep WILL turn you into an anus hole.

If you start hallucinating things like this because of lack of sleep and a horror movie you watched only to find out it’s your friend and he just had ketchup on his face and you gave him a straight right, you’re definitely an anus hole


Fudge I hate emos. Always depressed at the littlest things. They’re the same people, I’m sure you all would know, that will EVERY SINGLE DAY write on their status on facebook what they are feeling today (sad) and what made them that way (what doesn’t?).


Anyway, on the topic of sleep, there is actually correlation to depression with lack of sleep. But not only that, but it’s also WHEN you sleep too. If you do shift work and sleep in the day, but do not sleep at night, yet still get 8-10 hours of sleep, that can STILL affect your mood! “The morningness or eveningness characteristics of the shift workers have significant impact on their mood states. Therefore, adjusting the work schedule with the morningness and eveningness characteristics of the workers may improve their mood alterations.” (6).

The last (and for me, the most important) side-effect of sleep deprivation is your testosterone levels and sexual preformance. Before you even ask, yes it can affect young men too. Lack of sleep has the effect of “Increased cortisol and reduced sex hormone binding globulin (SHBG) are both consistent with development of insulin resistance” (7).

As a personal story I can attest to lack of sleep getting even the best of us. On a vacation, I obviously went wild and made the most of my time. I was supposed to meet a special someone at my hotel (and this was the first time we were going to get close..c’mon, alone in the hotel? She wants the D), and for 3 days before we had agreed to meet that I had 2 hours of sleep TOTAL. Of course, due to having a lot of “fun” with other people, exploring all over the place, and training, even though I had the best of meals, guess what happened when the night we met was supposed to be a magical happy time full of unicorns?….I was in the mood, she was in the mood, and despite knowing that I could definitely pull off a hat-trick and a magical once in a life time event the other 3 nights, the lack of sleep definitely got to me…I couldn’t even get it up…at all. FUDGE! Funnily enough, when I did get the sleep I needed and decided to go for it again, well, magically, what do you know! It worked!…If only I had sleep huh? I wouldn’t have had to have the sap story of “It’s not that I don’t find you attractive, it’s just that I had some family issues the few nights before and I’m really tired”. Ah well. Lesson learnt.


Awkward by hazgirl22

How much can this effect you though? Maybe you’re just a super stud and I’m not after 3 days of no sleep and relentless fun? How much of a drop are we talking here? Let’s take our brave soldiers in basic training, where they are sleep deprived, training like maniacs every single day, for 3 days (which is the same amount I imposed on myself) and see what happens to them after being sleep deprived:

“body mass (-3%), fat-free mass (-2.3%), and fat mass (-7.3%) declined after military operational stress…leptin (-47%), total (-27%) and free IGF-I (-32%), total (-24%) and free testosterone (-30%), and IGF binding protein-3 (-6%) decreased”(8)

Gee whizz! A 30% drop in free testosterone? Of course, we have to consider that they aren’t having the best of meals either so this can explain the loss in body mass among the other things in those scores.

The other effect on lack of sleep is that it can cause you to be mentally retarded


How exactly did this car end up like this? I bet even the owner doesn’t know. Sleep Deprivation does things. Silly things

Lack of sleep, as a bonus for all you uni students who stay up late drinking, go on facebook to procrastinate on study, then down a crap load of coffee in hopes to cram the last few hours to finish an assignment off, can affect your cognitive performance and memory (10). As for everyone else who drives which I’m certain is everyone in the western world “the extent to which sleep deprivation affects a particular cognitive process may depend on several factors, including the magnitude of global decline in general alertness and attention” (9). So do us a favour and don’t be dumb and crash your car into ours. 

In the next article we will discuss how to attack this head on for all of you who do have problems with sleep. For now however turn off the T.V. Get off the facebook, hang up the phone, stop watching the porn, stop looking at weird things online AND GO THE FUDGE TO SLEEP!!!


Image credits: Tilly-Towell

If you happen to find this right before you go bed, good luck trying to sleep. That video will replace the whale in my nightmares. DO NOT WATCH THAT VIDEO!



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