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Hardcore Kettlebell Routine #1

Here’s a good one to do at the end of your workouts if you want some good conditioning and a bit more strength work. This will melt the fat off, get you into superior condition, and make you much stronger. It’s going to turn you into a lean, mean unrelenting machine, capable of destroying a…

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Flex your mental muscles: Books I recommend part 1

Flexing your muscles in front of girls, in front of the mirror, in front of unsuspecting public people, or doing the most muscular to babies and kids in the playground as you’re passing by to strike fear in the hearts of them and their parents sure is fun, and yes, highly important, but however, exercising…

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How to eat junk food and stay lean for christmas: The art of Deplete and Replete

Christmas is almost here, and it’s quite obvious that all of you have celebrations and gatherings, and these gatherings and celebrations will have 4 necessary things that I’m sure cannot be avoided by most: 1. Lots of food 2. Lots of alcohol 3. Drunken people passed out on the toilet 4. Fisticups and a possible…

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