The art of Aggression #3: An aggressive strength will never fail nor cage you


When you wake up in the morning, with eyes first opened, regardless if your sleep was peaceful or not, what do you think about? Do you wake up with gusto, or do you wake up dreading the day to come? Do you fight the day and bend it to your will, or do you let it defeat you so easily already? Do you fight or submit? What’s your choice?There’s a lot of excuses to be made by people so weak willed, but not you.

Already by the first 5 minutes you’ll get some type of challenge, some type of obstacle that tempts you to give up and not fight. It might be raining with thunderstorms outside, do you skip training or do you say “BRING IT ON”?

You might of had a really bad day, tiring even, your significant other broke up with you, you got pulled over, some person belittled you, but do you whine and cry and wish the day to be over, or do you decide to end the day by doing something so balls-shockingly awesome to give the metaphorically middle finger to life or whatever deity cursed you a terrible day?

I know my answer, and so do you. I rather not be a prisoner to a weak will.

Here I present to you today 3 legendary stories of 3 men who went through really rough conditions of being captured and yet, out of pure aggression, balls, and sheer brute strength bent life over, and fudged it till it loved them, because, nothing cages these men. The enormity of their balls wouldn’t let that be possible.




Alexander Zass was a badass. As a kid this guy lived a hard life of labour. He never had any money to afford dumbbells, barbells etc, so he trained with whatever he could find such as boulders, and training his grip by getting twigs and breaking them in two and progressing up to harder and thicker twigs.

This boy wanted not to grow up just to be an ordinary man, but he wanted to grow up to be a strong man, an extraordinary man. One day his training and pure aggressive will would be tested.World War 2 happened. After much fighting Zass got into a situation where he was captured and thrown in a cell, laughed, spat at and humiliated, along with his 5 star accommodation stay being shared with rodents, cockroaches, and the sweet fresh smell of what your small intestines produce and your rectum clears away.

Zass thought “yeah, screw this” and decided to attempt escape many times. The German Lieutenants didn’t like this however and wanted him to stay permanently. Scratching their heads as to how to contain such a strong man, the one thing they thought was “it only makes sense to make a strong man weak, and a strong man cannot remain strong if he cannot use his muscles”. So they decided to chain him up with the best steel they could find and ensured he couldn’t barely move.


If they were smart though, they would’ve ensured even his face and eyelids were chained too.

This just Pissed Alexander Zass right the hell off. He couldn’t eat a good meal properly, he couldn’t masturbate to whoever was playboy bunny at the time, and he couldn’t even train! All that time to do those 3 things and he was deprived of each one!

He just got angrier, and angrier, and ANGRIER. He wasn’t going to let some wussy steel chains hold him in place. So every day, he struggled, pulled, tugged, with murderous aggression to this chains. Night and day, day and night. To most people it might be futile and they’d just accept their fate but a funny thing did happen eventually though. Alexander Zass found out, he was actually getting STRONGER! In fact, he got so much stronger that he “accidentally” figured out he could easily break all the chains that confined him.


Oh, you’re rightfully fudged now.

All that aggressive tugging and maddening effort against what seemed to be an unbreakable, unmoveable object, made him so strong he could even bend the prison cell window bars.

Alexander Zass waited for an opportunity. When it was in the darkest and unsuspecting of nights, with no guards around and the guards decided it was time to snooze, the Zass man, broke his chains, broke off the prison cell window bars, bend them into hooks, climb out of the window and scale the mountain wall with those hooks and escape to freedom.


see you later, motherfudgers.

Zass then joined a circus and preformed many times as a successful, scratch that, one of the MOST successful performing strongman doing easy stuff on a daily basis like bending super thick steel with his bare hands, lying on a bed of nails and getting people to use sledgehammers to the stomach, and other easy stuff people claim they do on the internet everyday (NOTE: They don’t).

Heck if you think that’s impressive, this guy at FRIGGING 70 YEARS OF AGE is still an aggressive Banana head. His morning training routine consists of getting run over by a car and standing up like he just got a massage from a hot Thai girl with a happy ending, bending some rail road iron steel across his back and even more things. And if you don’t believe me, then you can check out the video below.

Yup, I know, I’ve failed at life too, and right now I’m going to do 1000 pushups as a prayer to the strength gods to give me strength.



It’s a known fact, this guy had two facial expressions: Mad, and kill. If you ever see a picture of him smiling, he’s not really smiling, he’s actually in a Buddhism-like trance of the warriors and in which case the facial expression would be classified as “get the fruit away from this planet and go to Mars right now”.

Charles was a French weightlifter and was rightfully a champion in his own right. The man had some really impressive lifts like:

pressing over his head clean and jerk style 400+ pounds

Lifting over his head “snatching” 253 pounds…with 1 ARM

He looked every bit strong as well as being strong. This guy was a winner at life. He was also a race car driver and he even acted.

Just like Zass however, some people didn’t like the fact he was winning at life. You see, when World War 2 broke out, some Germans were real anusholes. One particular Nazi went to Charles and decided to be an even bigger anushole to him.

The guy with small penis syndrome decided to flash his big bad gun all over his face, hiding behind his nazi uniform and buddies. Probably shouting things at him like

“Hey, Charlie, Yo moma so fat, that her blood type was ROCK & ROLL”.

And of course, Charles, the pimp daddy, mr. Bawsy Baws that he is decided he didn’t like that, and that didn’t sit well with him. So he decided to punch the guy square in the face and dislocate his jaw.


That’s being too nice…Actually, it was a punch so hard that his whole ancestors felt it, and it potentially killed his whole family.

Of course, the Nazi’s didn’t appreciate this and captured Charles (with no doubt calling reinforcements by at least 100) and throw him away in a jail cell where they kept other defiant people too.

Charles wasn’t having any of this, and he had better things to do than sit all day in a cell. So after he decided to chill a little bit and take a good sleep, have a free meal, and make some buddies it was time to go. So he BROKE THE BARS OF THE CELL HE WAS IN WITH HIS BARE HANDS, LET OTHER PRISONERS GO FREE…


and this wasn’t the best part either, he then decided to find the stupid meatwad who had the audacity to put him in the cell and when he did find him he beat the ever loving snot out of him!!!! Also probably tore him a new hole just so he could do the nasty nasty things found on the weird corners of the internet.


He’s making that face…quick! Run!

That’s right! Pure aggressive strength didn’t contain him! He did whatever the hell he wanted to do because, well, he damn well could!

Last but not least, the most aggressive one of them all….


alexander solonik

This guy might not have been a weightlifter, nor a strongman performer, but he had the pure aggression to get stuff done, do as he pleased, and pleased where he went. Plus, Alexander being a first name apparently has a good history of greatness.

Alexander grew up taking an interest of firearms and martial arts…You know, shooting blimps down with an RPG, round house kicking people in the head, and probably wanting to do the Jean Claude Van Damne splits.


When he was of age, he joined an ELITE special security unit called OMON and of course, received the extreme awesome training to go with it. However he only lasted 6 months, as his violence towards suspects was a little extreme and therefore got discharged. The dream was over. This crushed him. It got worse though.

Finding the harsh reality that he had to make money, and make money doing a job that he didnt want to do, as a grave digger, and marrying, divorcing, re-marry, then having your ex wife claim that you raped her, it’s safe to say, Alexander Solonik’s life was pretty bad.

When the trail came, and before he was to be sent to jail, he asked just 5 minutes to say goodbye to his wife, and so they agreed, seeing no harm in doing this, after all they were on the 2nd floor of a high building…But Alexander decided to say to life “screw you, enough is enough”.

So as soon as they sat him down with his wife, Alexander JUMPED THROUGH THE 2ND STORY WINDOW, hit the ground safely with what I can only assume was some awesome parkour military kung fu, and was on the run.


He got pretty damn far, too. It took several months, and 120 miles away later, he got apprehended and tossed into one of the harshest prisons in Russia. It wasn’t going to be any easier for him to be in the prison either because the inmates knew through word he had a policing and military back round, and therefore he was marked for death.

Many fights happened for this guy, and Solonik had to constantly watch his back more so than the other prisoners did. In fact, a story goes he took on as much as TWELVE PRISONERS on at the same time!


I can only imagine that. A few mystical kung fu “rip his scrotum off” moves and flying rapid kicks to the faces and probably a few Dim Mak Death touches were employed.

Eventually the prisoners thought “yeah, I think it’s safe to say we should leave this guy the hell alone” and so he earned everyone’s respect. Being left alone, Solonik then worked out constantly. It was 2 whole years he was in that prison, it was his training ground. After training with whatever he could and his bodyweight, and when he had enough he decided to check out, he made his escape.

After he had made his escape, he decided to employ his skills the only way he knew how; to become a hitman, and he was the best at it. He killed many Mob bosses. Some of his exploits were that he killed one mob boss in a crowded disco, and this being despite of the person being surrounded by dozens of bodyguards, just because he could.

Another one was, he tried to extort money from one of the most powerful mob bosses in history, and when this mob boss refused, a few days later police found his body and all of his associates dead. You do not mess with Solonik. Of course, all these legends made him very known to the police, and so they sent out everyone they had to capture this guy.

One peaceful afternoon, Solonik and one of his buddies were having a drink in a market place, probably picking up girls, and the police decided to do the dickiest cock block ever and bust him right there and then. Solonik was up against the elite military and police of Russia, guard dogs who are trained in the fine art of eating your genitalia, and who ever else had a gun that day.


probably don’t want this dog chasing after whatever does or doesn’t dangle between your legs

This made Solonik Mad. Once again showing he was top dog in all this, in true Max Payne style he decided to try make his escape as violent as possible by killing whoever the hell stood in his way by activating bullet time and unleashing stylish slow motion jumps and deadly accurate gun fire (which the police said were so deadly accurate, even running and shooting over his shoulder killed a lot of people via head shot).


Unfortunately silly things like getting shot in the kidneys and being overpowered with more reinforcements ended up his great escape by a 2nd great capture, and this time they proceeded to lock him up in the most air tight Russian Prison available.

The years spent there recovering from the removed bullet from his kidneys were more training, and studying foreign languages. He used his time to better himself even more and come up with an even greater game plan when he escaped…which by the way, he did.

There was a fellow jailer, an inside man, who was a sleeper mob agent, and the two planned their great escape one night when Solonik said “yeah, I think that’s enough, I’m recovered, learned how to swear at people in about 12 different languages, let’s do this”. So with a Mannequin in his bed, and grappling hooks to scale down from the roof of the super maximum security prison they escaped, and went and grabbed some Russian food because all that escaping they did made them hungry…oh yeah by the way, Solonik was the first and ONLY one (aside from his buddy) who escaped that prison too. Just another day to a man who knows he can do whatever the heck he wants, because he can.

Knowing full well that the heat was too high in Russia, Solonik buggered off internationally. Had facial surgery and lived the life of one of the most powerful crime lords ever. He had it all, money, houses, cars, and women, in fact he even had Miss Russia as his wife!



So what exactly is the moral of one of many bizarre posts on PDH Fitness HQ? Aggression gets you far. An aggressive strength is a strength of the mind. The act of not making any obstacle get in your way, because it won’t. Nothing stops a person from their goals if one knows they can get after it with pure hard aggression. After all, if you want something, and that something seems impossible, so impossible that people give up from just the thought of it, wouldn’t it require you to just get in there and attack it with all you got consistently till you achieve it?

Every day is a day to get stronger, everyday is a day to get closer to your goals, no matter what your situation, if you put in the QUALITY effort of work, and keep your head down, mouth shut and just do it, you’ll achieve it. So how will you wake up tomorrow?

PDH Fitness AKA Pain Doesn’t Hurt


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