Vegetarian myths #1: Vegetarians live longer

Vegetarian myths #1: Vegetarians live longer


One thing I noticed is that most vegans are anusholes. Bold claim, yes, but I did say most, not all. When you go to a resturant they almost always have to let the waiter and everyone else know that they're vegetarian and are somehow better and superior than everyone else in the room. This post can't give you scientific facts why that is, but anyway!

Welcome to the first of many posts on vegetarians! The claims that vegetarians say are legion. So many benefits that are touted that if every single one were a nail you'd be able to build a house with, but equally, so many attacks on people that eat meat. They think meat eaters are anusholes because we're killing the planet (and this will be one of the many posts also) and that vegetarians live longer, also other stupid stuff like they have better sex, and can grow more muscle (HAHAHAHA!)


Sadly, vegetarians aren't joking about it and think it's serious. Some also are proud that they're poop smells better...I'm not joking.

This post is all about their first and most common claim: That vegetarians live longer. Let's get in there and find out!

Firstly a note what vegetarian I'm actually going to compare to

Before we even get started I want to clarify one thing: I'm going to discuss a TRUE vegetarian. A TRUE vegetarian is someone who DOES NOT EAT ANY MEAT OR MEAT PRODUCTS! That means NO FISH, NO EGGS, NO DAIRY (that means no milk, cheese, etc!) and you get the point.

If you're going to call yourself a vegetarian, none of this categorizing yourself to make yourself feel better. YOU AREN'T a vegetarian! Just because you don't eat red meat, and you're say, a "lacto-ovo vegetarian" (someone who still eats dairy and egg products), you're STILL consuming meat products! That's almost just as bad as someone saying "oh I don't have sex, but I still do oral, because that way I won't get the herpes, so yeah, I'm better than you because I don't have sex."

...I can only think of one thing to say about all that...

Exactly this is what I think when a vegetarian says they don't eat meat but still eat fish, milk, eggs etc.

Vegetarians live longer? Says who? The statistics against the claim.

Know one thing when it comes to research papers: The healthy user bias. Usually, when one says "GOT YOU, YOU SAUSAGE NIGEL! THIS STUDY FOUND THAT VEGETARIANS DO LIVE LONGER THAN MEAT EATERS" And then quotes the study, if you actually do read the study, it's usually vegetarians are up against people that are NOT health conscious and could care less about being so. Smokers, drinkers, risk takers, party goers, less sleep etc. it's not the early death from meat that is to blame! The vegans are of course more health conscious! Seems a bit unfair to compare.

Now of course, some of you will argue that though. However I just wanted to point out that most studies that have this bias towards vegetarians should take that into account. Good? You're free to argue all you  want with the few studies I quote. On to the first!

The first study had 11,000 people studied. This study was more "health conscious" and was a 17 year follow up.

"4336 men and 6435 women recruited through health food shops, vegetarian societies, and magazines..." (1)

The results were that there was NO difference with heart diseases or smokes for mortality rates! The results were:

"2064 (19%) subjects smoked, 4627 (43%) were vegetarian, 6699 (62%) ate wholemeal bread daily, 2948 (27%) ate bran cereals daily, 4091 (38%) ate nuts or dried fruit daily, 8304 (77%) ate fresh fruit daily, and 4105 (38%) ate raw salad daily. After a mean of 16.8 years follow up there were 1343 deaths before age 80". (1)

The did find that "Within the cohort, daily consumption of fresh fruit was associated with significantly reduced mortality from ischaemic heart disease". (1)

So kids, eat your fruit. The fructose thing is NOT going to kill you (if you don't suffer from fructose malabsorption), and is totally healthy (more on if fruit is bad for you HERE).


These are sausage nigels.

Seventh day adventists vegetarians live longer. Or do they?

The next statistics is going to show something that, hopefully by now you already know: The world is full of liars, and people have such an ego about them it's almost like a survival thing to lie to protect their ego, at ALL costs. You'll see what I mean soon.

The next study is the following: "A total of 96,469 Seventh-day Adventist men and women recruited between 2002 and 2007, from which an analytic sample of 73,308 participants remained after exclusions." (2)

From their conclusion it is said in black and white right there: "Vegetarian diets are associated with lower all-cause mortality and with some reductions in cause-specific mortality. Results appeared to be more robust in males. These favorable associations should be considered carefully by those offering dietary guidance." (2)

Holy shift! Put your foot on the pedal! No way! I was wrong all this time?! Vegetarians live longer?! I should now convert myself to the church of seventh day adventists and become a priest and live their ways as a vegetarian!....Except...I wasn't wrong, and I shouldn't!

The fact is that THEY'RE wrong!


Let's also keep something in mind that they stated in black and white with what they found: "Vegetarian groups tended to be older, more highly educated, and more likely to be married, to drink less alcohol, to smoke less, to exercise more, and to be thinner" (2)

Keep this in mind because this is very important. This is a study that shows something that I said was unfair: health conscious people (that are vegetarians) versus people that are people that smoke, drink etc (that they compare to meat eaters and claim that meat eating is the culprit).

What did they find with the mortality rate?

"The mean (SD) follow-up time was 5.79 (1.31) years. During this time, there were 2570 deaths among 73 308 participants, and the overall mortality rate was 6.05 (95% CI, 5.82-6.29) deaths per 1000 person-years. Table 3 gives the age-sex-race standardized mortality rates by dietary pattern. Vegans, lacto-ovo–vegetarians, and pesco-vegetarians had significantly lower mortality rates compared with nonvegetarians." (2)

Let's look at the table


So calculating the deaths for 1000 years those figures are correct right? ....not bloody likely. Simple math will tell you something different. If we calculate the number of deaths divide that by the number in time, person-years, and then times that by 1000 we'll find the figures are VERY different.

A non-vegetarian isn't the 6.61 it claims to be! The number of the mortality rate is in fact 5.67! Compare that with the 2nd lowest mortality rate, which is vegans, the true figure is 6.00! That's right! non-vegetarians actually HAD THE LEAST mortality! And this is despite their smoking and drinking more! If anything, this study has shown that meat IS probably life-saving!


there's no bloody difference! He's clearly holding a kettlebell and probably just pumped his arms...the only difference is he got tanned, he's lost his hair, and he has what I affectionately call a juju lip with an ugly hair for his chin balls. The hair is disguising the gains I bet.

Other statistical studies to prove abstinence from meat is why vegetarians live longer, just because, I'm an anushole.

17,611 people were observed with vegetarians and meat consumption.  "During the follow-up period, 3683 deaths occurred, of which 1554 were due to CVD and 794 due to cancer...Meat consumption was not associated with mortality. A healthy diet according to HEI, however, was associated with a decreased total mortality in men, but not in women." (3).

HEI meant healthy eating index. So the people who had better chances to live longer in the study were ones who guessed it..HEALTH CONSCIOUS. (3). It had nothing to do with meat consumption!

Here's one overall analysis of the whole thing to put the nail in the coffin to this shannegan that is the claim "vegetarians live longer": "Meta-analysis of several prospective studies showed no significant differences in the mortality caused by colorectal, stomach, lung, prostate or breast cancers and stroke between vegetarians and "health-conscious" nonvegetarians". (4).

Right now I can just feel the butthurt that I give. Take that anyway you like.


And finally, some anecdotal evidence for you.

There's going to be those that look at this post and say "well that's science, and science is too young to understand. My grandma/great grandad/person I know that's a SWAT UFC 1000 year old is a vegetarian and how do you explain their obscene strength and lifespan eh? Heck, for all I know, with the study that lied about vegetarians' lifespan, I'm sure they'll be meat eating propaganda too!"

Alright, if that's how it is, that's how it is. I can't convince you with numbers, I can't convince you with black and white writing with what people saw that I think are some at least plausible findings, then let me humour you by 2 people:


Jeanne Louise Calment. She lived till she was 122! She also ate "two lbs. of chocolate per week until her doctor persuaded her to give up sweets at the age of 119. She quit smoking only at 119, but her doctor said her abstinence was due to pride rather than health — she was too blind to light up herself, and hated asking someone to do it for her. " (5)

and her secret to living as long as she did?

""She never did anything special to stay in good health," said French researcher Jean-Marie Robine. They attribute her longevity to her immunity to stress.   She once said “ If  you can’t do anything about it, don’t worry about it.”.
Calment herself credited an occasional glass of Port vine and a diet rich in olive oil for her longevity. She also recommended laughter as a recipe for longevity and jokes that "God must have forgotten me."" (5).

Vegetarianism? I think not.


Winston Churchill was awesome. This guy however smoke like a chimney and guess what? He lived till he was 90 years of age! Not only that but I also read he only slept a good 5-6 hours a night (he did have naps in the day however), and I don't think he was concerned with his abstinence from meat consumption, because he did bloody eat! (6).

I'm sure there'll be a flip side of vegetarians too that lived in their 90s and 100s. I know people that have little meat and eat heaps of meat in their 90s personally, but of course, anyone can bullcrap on the internet so you'll have to just take my word for it and see the evidence I presented here.

Last random assorted reasons on why vegetarians claim to live longer

Here's a list of a few reasons I picked up from time magazine (9):

  • Low blood pressure
  • Lower risk of death
  • Better moods
  • Less chance of heart disease
  • Lower risk of diabetes
  • Less likely to be overweight

Here's a quick debunk of it all. First we saw lower risk of death is a myth with all the statistical evidence I presented.

As for better moods? If we're comparing it to people who abuse their bodies with drugs, crappy food, then yeah, obviously your mood is going to be better if you're health conscious, however, if you're comparing it to someone who's a meat eater and you're cutting out your fat and cholesterol chances are YOU are the one who's going to be in a worse mood!

"did you know low cholesterol levels actually have proven records that it can lead to suicide, depression and violence?!!! Don’t believe me? ” With standardized ages, the group of subjects with antisocial personality had a clearly lower mean level of serum cholesterol than the group with other personality disorders which was used as a control group” (7).

Also, Serotonin (which effects your mood) is significantly lower with people who have lower cholesterol levels (8).

I could go on, but we'll leave it at that.

Less chance of heart disease? I'm guessing this is because of the fat intake and cholesterol? I did a whole article why that's a myth HERE.

Lower risk of diabetes? Again says who? You're going to get diabetes no matter what diet you're on if you're going to intake 500 grams of carbs a day in energy drinks, sweets, and other foods like doughnuts! Less likely to be overweight? This one is simple, it's because they're health conscious, and are more likely to move rather than someone lazy and just plain doesn't care.

Anything else that relates to red meat such as claims of cancer and it being acidic is a myth I've longed debunked that you can also check out HERE.

The almighty nutshell. What the heck did we learn?

Nothing really, except don't go to a restaurant with a vegetarian if they're an anushole, and just simply smile and walk away when they say they've read statistics and stuff about vegetarians living longer than meat eaters and everyone else. Don't even attempt to debate them because it'll probably go into a whole religious thing and they'll belittle your decision to eat good nourishing food that they choose not too..Heck, you should thank them! If we got more vegans in this world, meat prices would go down and I'd be very happy, wouldn't you?

"but Ceps" you ask "what if said vegetarian arguing with me is actually a really hot hippie chick with incredibly awesome watermelons?" Then I suggest you just pull down your pants and give her some reason to eat meat.


This reaction could go both ways...This could well be the vegetarian girl's reaction, or your reaction when you find out that the hippie vegetarian with fake melons is actually a man. Be careful out there yeah?

In summary, Do Vegetarians live longer? THE ANSWER IS NO!


Pain Doesn't hurt

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  • Christopher

    Reply Reply October 18, 2014

    YES!! Loving this post and look forward to follow-on segments such as: teaching us ‘evil meat eaters’ how to best respond when we hear sissy lame lanky estrogen infected vegetarians claim they are ‘saving the poor animals by eating grains & veggies’ only to find all the rabbit, snake carcasses left behind by harvesters in their ‘fields of gold’.. Still let’s let them keep eating Processed Soy = worlds most chemically processed foodstuff!! Yuk!

    Keep up the great posts Señor Ceps!!

    • CepsWeston

      Reply Reply November 7, 2014

      Comprade, Christopher! Gracias! There are so many myths propagated by Vegans that It baffles me to no end why they even go on their overly zealous quest to convince the entire world that their way of eating is best, when clearly, they’re nutrient deficient and are in complete denial. More of these myths to come Chris!

  • LOL

    Reply Reply January 5, 2015

    Vegetarians state that they are Vegetarians at the dinner table because they would like some extra care taken when their meal is prepped. I’ve had countless times where meat was thrown into something I ordered and I’ve had to take it back. It’s not because of your insecure reason that we are trying to say we are better than you. (Which we are BTW)

    Also, yeah we do live longer. It’s a fact. The end.

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